Three times is a pattern….

Big Bear in the Rain

I spent a lot of time poking water out of the awning, which doesn’t slant enough for runoff, but the tent top and see through tarps kept everything important dry.

They say that ‘once is one thing, twice is a coincidence, but three times is a pattern’.  Well I’ve noticed of at Big Bear shows.  I’ve shown there four times.  The first time, the weather was gorgeous, if a little toasty, and I sold to people who lived in ‘down the hill’ in Orange County, LA County and San Bernardino County.  The second time, we were threatened with 15% showers.  I sold one painting to a local, it poured for two hours and flooded us out and I packed up in disgust and went home.  The third time, my fans came from the Desert, Riverside County and San Diego County.  We were promised 30% showers.  It hailed for 15 mins, then rained for the balance of five hours.  This year, we were promised perfect weather – until the day we went to set up.  On Friday it poured for 30 mins hard, on Saturday we had an earthquake followed by 2 hours of solid rain and both roads out were at times blocked by landslides as a result of the combination of both.  We needed the rain, just not that weekend!!!My new fans were from San Bernardino, the Desert, Orange County and San Diego.

View of Mojave Desert from route 18 in Big Biear

First view of the desert – in this case the Mojave – but at least it’s desert

Conclusion – stay down the hill and do more shows on the coast during the summer!  It was nice to get this view on the way home and know that the steep windy hairpin stretch that I hate driving only lasts five miles, and that I will never*** have to do it again.


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