Newer work #81

Well, a couple of paintings from a recent batch ended up going to forever homes before I had time to post them here!  Better get a few more up before the next show takes them away (I hope).  Though there are a few I wish I could hang onto for a while before they fledge the nest.

Mixed media painting

#1353 New Umbrella. Mixed media on panel. 9×12″ $90. Ready to hang and very shippable!


Desert version…


Remains of the puddle from the last couple days.  The ocotillo is** actually blooming a little.

I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas

with every neighbor that I’ve met

May your ocotillo bloom red,

and my all your Christmases be wet.


Storm over the Badlands when we drove home yesterday.


Newer work #50

I thought I would choose the raindrop shapes and the pink background for this one because we always think of rain/water as blue/gray/white.  So I thought I would be obstreporous and go the other side of the color wheel.

Mixed media painting

#1229 Love Rain II. Mixed media on pine panel, 17″ diameter. $300.

Mixed media painting

The picture of this in place gives a much better idea of the texture and sheen.

Newer Work #44

Mixed media painting

#1221 Raining Again. Mixed media on panel, 17″ diameter. $300.



Raining again – yes, we need the rain here in the west.  We’ve been blessed with two storms so far since September and I’m hoping we’ll get more like our average 4″ this year (just not on weekends when there are shows….)

Forever home

It’s always nice to see my work in it’s ‘forever home’.  This one is a bit special because I got to hang it myself – and it’s one of the most difficult paintings to hang because it’s not only a 4-piece painting, but because the four panels can be rotated, all the wires and hooks have to be perfectly aligned, so that when it’s changed around, there isn’t a need to make any adjustments.  Here I am with the finished installation.

Vivaldi's Window

“Vivaldi’s Window”. My concept of the one window Vivaldi may have looked out across as he wrote his most famous musical work ‘The Four Seasons’.

The power in the sky.

Here is an interesting video showing lightning in slow motion.  And all this comes from air, water and movement.


Lightning Hits the Earth in Slow Motion


Work in process

I thought I liked this one that I put together yesterday.  But I wasn’t sure.  So I slept on it. (Well, not literally, that would’ve been really messy.)

oil painting of lightning storm

Last night’s version of ‘Cascade’

This morning I toyed with it a little more – now I like it a lot better, I think it has more movement:

oil painting of lightning storm

That’s the up side of working in oil.  It’s not too late to change your mind the next morning.

Several people have wanted to see this upside down.  It’s not the first time I’ve hung something upside down (The Road to Selfoss looked great upside down when I accidentally wired it the wrong way and hung it up before I realized.)  So – here it is without the surrounding ‘wall diaper’ – upside down.  Nah, it doesn’t work for me.