Newer Work #70

Mixed media skyscape painting

#1258 Reaching. Mixed media on panel, 14×11″ $180.



Here is one where I went kind of outside the bounds of color combinations that the sky and clouds actually do.  I named it “Reaching” because I felt that the red cloud was reaching up and out of the painting.  Now that I revisit this, I see things that I did not intend to put in this painting.  What do you see in it?










One of my more abstract paintings – or is it….

Newer Work #67

Wow, has it really been a week since I’ve been not-busy-enough to put a post on.  I know I’ve looked at my followees recently.  Actually been working a lot on developing various classes.  Summer is coming up and working on summer classes for a couple galleries.  So,  five minutes for a post…

This is the last of a batch of refractured watercolors that I did recently.  Clouds are wonderful!  But as we approach summer, they come fewer and further between.

Refractured watercolor sky painting

#1250 Softly into the light. Refractured watercolor on foamcore, 10×8″ matted to fit 14×11 frame. $105.

Newer work #66

Had the inspiration to put a little land in this one.  And of course, trees always reach up to the sky.

Refractured watercolor painting

#1249 Three trees on the hill, Refractured watercolor on foamcore 10.5×8″ in mat to fit 14×11″ frame. $105.

Art and science.

John Constable is known for painting realistic skies during a time when meteorological knowledge was not what it is today.  Yet he used a lot of science in trying to get it right – and a bit of artistic license where necessary, too.  A long but very interesting article from The Cloud Appreciation Society.  I loved the quote:

” I am led to this having been very busy with rainbows –”

John Constable’s rainbow.


Newer work #64

It got crazy hot over the last couple days and we need another storm.  Here it is! Oh wait, if you’re reading this from the east coast, it’s there with you, isn’t it.

 Refractured watercolor painting

#1245 Roiling Clouds. Refractured watercolor on foamcore, 8×10.5 in mat to fit 11×14 frame. $105.

Newer work #60

Here are two refractures that came from the same painting – I had enough material with the random-cut shapes to make an 11×14 and a 10.5×8.  The original skyscape is from a shot taken outside my booth at the Deserts Arts Festival in Palm Springs, probably winter 2015-16, looking up at fast-moving clouds.

Refractured watercolor skyscape

#1240 Look up I. Refractured watercolor, 14×11 in mat to fit 20×16″ frame. $195.

Refractured watercolor skyscape

#1244 Look up II. Refractured watercolor, 8×10.5 in mat to fit 11×14″ frame. $105.

Newer work #59

This amazing storm came from something I saw on the web – only by the time I’ve painted it in a different set of colors, you would never recognize it!  Leftovers from this one also gave rise to several cards.

Refractured watercolor painting

#1238 Amazing storm. Refractured watercolor, 11×14″ in mat ready to frame to 16×20″. $195.