About the Artist.

jeniheadshot2017_wI am a painter and a poet.  Or maybe a poet and a painter.  I feel that both are equal in me.  For my paintings, my medium is sky, and I use many different kinds of paint to depict it.  I write poetry about many different things, but I often write poetry about my paintings, and then paint them into the painting.

I work in acrylic, oil, watercolor, refractured watercolor, (which is the same watercolor skies painted multiple times then cut and collaged together) and mixed media.

I also use a variety of surfaces: watercolor paper, canvas, panel and I paint murals, which means I will paint on wood, sheetrock, concrete block and stucco.  I’ve also painted on furniture, fiberglass and metal.  I love working on different shaped surfaces also.

And that is just what I have worked on so far.  There are many ideas that may one day be experimented with or requested.

I sell my work at outdoor festivals in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and some galleries, stores and alternative locations.  I create work for homes, offices, medical facilities, hotels, etc.  You can see more of my work and my schedule on my website: Skyscapes for the Soul.  My work is not available directly through my website (primarily because work is frequently in and out of the studio to various shows) but you can always inquire by email – I do ship and sell online via Etsy or Paypal/Square invoicing.

I also do commissions – not necessarily just skies, I have painted birds, plants, landscapes and even the words of a song.   I can work from your photographs or ideas and often the entire commission could be completed by email.  You will find contact information on my website.


9 thoughts on “About the Artist.

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  3. I visited your website to get a bigger, quicker dose of all your wonderful work. You are an amazingly productive artist, without losing any sense of your direction amid your multiple creations. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow–I’m for sure going to follow you.

    PS: I grew up in Southern California, spent 40-something years there before fleeing too many earthquakes and subsequently landing in the Midwest. I can resonate to your subject matter and colors. Trivia fact–my neighbors across the street when I was a kid spent many a 50’s weekend water skiing in the Salton Sea. Too bad it has had such an unfortunate history.


    • Thank you – for the comments and the follow. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work too. Despite the reports, the Salton Sea is still there! I think so many people outside of the area think it’s just an Imperial County problem, but if the wind starts spreading the dust, it will wipe out the best winter farmland in the country – so it is actually a federal level problem. It’s still beautiful though and Salton City is actually not near a fault so we rarely get more than a minimal shake!


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