Children and art

Sometimes it is difficult to take kids to art fairs as they always want to touch. ¬†I’m always happy to point out to parents that my work is pretty kid proof and if they poke at it, I won’t have to cut their hands off ūüôā which usually is a relief as it’s often too late at that point.

I follow the Red Dot blog of Jason Horejs of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. ¬†He covers a lot of interesting topics (though sadly he doesn’t transmit on WordPress). ¬†I was really interested in his blog of August 9th about kids looking at art in museums and galleries.

From what he says about children appreciating museum/gallery art, it seems like art fairs are a little more interesting for little ones – for a start there’s frequently something hung at their eye level in a booth, some of it (like the one below) would be ideal for a child’s room, and there aren’t quite such strict rules about running between displays. ¬†Occasionally I will get a youngster who comes back to subsequent shows with enthusiasm – and I know that I can’t be the only artist who enjoys this phenomenon, so here and there, future collectors are being created.


#1271 Night Watch. ¬†Mixed media on panel (refractured watercolor, poetry, acrylic). 14×24″.

Another sonnet.

Sometimes it gets quiet at art fairs. ¬†There is often a bit of a lull around lunch time. ¬†If I’m sitting at the back of the booth at the desk, I’ll often use the time to work on my bucket list item of more Shakesperean sonnets than Shakespeare. ¬†Flagstaff was productive and I was able to write a sonnet each of the three days. ¬†I sometimes have to search around for inspiration, Saturday’s inspiration was the nest of sparrows within tweeting distance.


The sparrow has more color than you’d think

(but painters know burnt umber, wine, ecru)

and though they seem to flit off in a wink

the observer sees the little things they do.

Sometimes they’ll dust in patches of soft sand

and often in a puddle from the rain

with wriggling bodies, wings aflutter, and

the knowledge that they’ll soon feel fresh again.

The well-trained ear can spot each different call –

the black-throat’s glockenspiel and house’s cheep

the white-crowned sparrow’s sweet melodious trill

and common to them all, the young chick’s tweet.

So if you ever thought sparrows were plain

Take another look and listen, think again!

Money laundering…

As a person concerned with the drought, I will usually take home unused water in my reusable water cups from shows to use in places like the kettle, plants etc. ¬†So out of habit I did this even though ‘home’ this weekend is Econolodge. ¬†As it was a bitterly cold day, I hadn’t consumed all the water and a full cup remained in the cooler. ¬†As the show is on streets, I not only took home my planner but also the little bag of change plus money from some cash sales. ¬†All these are jammed into the now-almost-empty cooler, so that the remaining water cup doesn’t tip over in the cooler.

On the turn into the driveway at Econolodge, the entire cooler tipped over in the footwell. ¬†The planner escaped the flood, but the money bag didn’t. ¬†So when I got to my room, the money had all been nicely laundered for me. ¬†Cool wash, no soap, short cycle. It’s not a great concern though – money dries out pretty quickly, especially when laid on top of the heater above the sign that says ‘Do not lay anything on top of the heater to dry’. ¬†I’m just glad at this point it’s Econolodge and I don’t have to ‘splain anything to room service.

Money drying in motel

It does look a little wrinkly though, perhaps I should iron it. ¬†Don’t get excited though, there are a lot of singles in there.

December’s monthly newsletter

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I’ll take that….

Skyscapes for the soul at Trilogy

A small corner for a 5 hour show.

When I was setting up for a small show at Trilogy last weekend (it’s a gated community in La Quinta and they have an annual art fair), I discovered my reputation had preceded me. ¬†(I wish…..)



Cave Creek

cavecreekaz2016-_wjpgFirst time I’m at this show. ¬†A three day show with a Thursday afternoon setup. ¬†I haven’t worked with this promoter before and booth assignments were a little fluid, spur of the moment. ¬†Didn’t get a space until 5pm so I ran out of light during setup and just got the ‘store built’ and had to put up the art this morning. ¬†Fridays are a little quiet at this show, but apparently the weekend will be better. ¬†No one set up next to me so I get to use the outside of the wall.

Palo Alto


This is my first time at Palo Alto. ¬†The weather is perfect, the crowds are good, sales are ok, the only cloud on the horizon (aside from the few in my booth!!) is that my square wasn’t working. ¬†Must be either overloaded circuits or poor service – was able to run the credit cards when I got back to my temporary abode. ¬† If you’re in the area and looking for my booth – I’m close to Pete’s Coffee.