Newer work #31

Mixed media painting.

#1200 “Flitting”. Mixed media on panel, 18×36″. $800.

It took several tries before I settled on the ‘background’ for this one.  Yup, the background goes on last.  It is only my second ‘butterfly’ piece, but there will be more.  This has a poem written for the painting and painted into it amidst the butterflies:


We flit
through the world
like clouds
thinking our lives
are of substance

Newer work #30

Refractured watercolor

#1199 “The Greening II”. Refractured watercolor 11×14″ in mat ready for 16×20″ frame. $195.

Somehow the circles are always so soothing – especially on a calm morning scene over the water.  This little lake or pond could be anywhere.  Your favorite morning walk…. a memory of a relaxing vacation….

Poetry from a Facebook post.

A while back I saw a Facebook post about lawn flamingos and a t-rex skeleton. Well, my mind just takes these crazy ideas and continues to wander down the same path.  This time it came out as a poem.   I guess I was missing my other half at the time:

Lawn Flamingos

Your absence eats me
like lawn flamingos
picking a t-rex clean in minutes,
the bare bones of my existence
a monument to your goneness;
our distemporal union
a sci-fantasy, each
the other side of a universe
the stars try to force us
to not inhabit together.


Forever home

It’s always nice to see my work in it’s ‘forever home’.  This one is a bit special because I got to hang it myself – and it’s one of the most difficult paintings to hang because it’s not only a 4-piece painting, but because the four panels can be rotated, all the wires and hooks have to be perfectly aligned, so that when it’s changed around, there isn’t a need to make any adjustments.  Here I am with the finished installation.

Vivaldi's Window

“Vivaldi’s Window”. My concept of the one window Vivaldi may have looked out across as he wrote his most famous musical work ‘The Four Seasons’.

Rainbow Stew

Rainbow Stew 4 U is a new-age store in Yucca Valley with a gallery in the back.  I was introduced to them by my good friend Michael who recently showed his photography project in the gallery, and they not only started selling my books and cards in their store, but invited me for a 1-month solo show in the gallery.  I went over on Friday morning to hang the work and took a few photos.

My work will be in the gallery until Sept 7th.


Newer work #29


#1197 Cherry Blossom Morning II. Refractured watercolor, 19×8″ in mat to 14×12″. $90. Currently available at Incredible Art Center in Palm Springs.



This small artwork is a refractured watercolor, rather than the last few which were either collages or ‘true children’ of other refractured watercolors.  I had only a few smaller mats and foamcores in the studio, hence my series of smaller works.

Newer work #28


#1196 Geese in an Emerald Dawn. 8×10″ in mat to 12×14″ $90. Currently at Incredible Art Center in Palm Springs.

Geese in an Emerald Dawn is a ‘true child’ of Vermillion Delight.  Without, however the Shakespearean sonnet that it’s parent has.  Yes, I know it’s more purple than emerald, but there are little hints of green, and it’s not often I get to use that color!