Newer work #86

Last of three. These tall skinny paintings go perfectly in one of those skinny spaces in a house, but also as one of a triptych with yesterday’s and the day before’s posts.


#1366 “Gliding towards you”. Refractured watercolor on panel 18×5″ $60 inc shipping!


Newer Work #86

Second of three. Another tall painting that would go perfectly as a between-doors addition to a hallway, but also as one of a triptych with yesterday’s and tomorrow’s posts.

Refractured watercolor

#1365 “Storm over calm lake”. Refractured watercolor on panel 18×5″ $60 inc shipping!

Newer work #85

First of three.  These were painted together – small panels that would fit between doors in a hallway.  However, I’ve hung them together in the booth and some people have considered they would make a nice triptych.

Refractured watercolor.

#1364 “Just us Three”. Refractured watercolor on panel 18×5″ $60 inc shipping!

Sonnet Challenge #29

I spent some time in early August hoping we would get rained on, without joy.  I was hopeful yesterday too, with a wind coming up from the gulf, but the dessicating desert air all mopped it up and we just got haze.

Storm Building

I watch the nimbus build across the west
a great gray blanket blotting out the sun,
the gathering of storm has just begun –
we need the rain! The cumulus start to crest
off to the south, into great thunderheads.
The tension builds in the electric air.
I bring the lawn chairs in and thus prepare
for wind that might just tear such things to shreds
with its intensity. I know the drill;
stratus accumulate and start to bear down
as if to smother this belittled town –
they’ll rumble, crack and then they’ll start to spill.
The coulds build up as if to promise rain,
but in the afternoon’s heat dissipate again.

Hermosa Beach

Saturday night’s reception was quite a change from the previous night in Temecula.  It was the hopping place to be.  We had about 30 artists showing work and a lot of supporters.  The theme of the show was ‘Indivisible’.  Rafael McMaster, our leader at Hermosa Beach Artist Collective had designed a logo to embody this:  Create a division sign, then put an x through it.  There were a couple blank canvases on the wall next to the door and everyone was encouraged to ‘make their mark’!

Despite the quality of the artwork, I think I was the only artist whose artwork embodied the theme of the show.  Not sure if it was good or bad that a couple people commented that they thought my painting, behind the desk which functions as the bar during receptions, was the logo for the show.  Hmm.  Comments encouraged.  One of the things that I like about my painting, “One Side“, originally designed for entry into a competition on art to promote world peace, is that I could photoshop the saying in any language for reproductions.

One Side painting

“One Side” behind the desk/bar at HBAC



Haven’t shown in Temecula before – this was a small 3 hour Friday evening art walk.  It wasn’t as heavily attended as usual – possibly because everyone had just put the kids back in school?  But did serendipitously meet with a couple other artists and made connections with some others.

Small art booth

Setup at Temecula First Friday Artwalk

Ira Yawnick at Vanguard

Ira Yawnick will be showing his work at the Vanguard Gallery throughout September.  The reception will be September 22nd – 4-6pm.

Ira Yawnick's photography

Ira has a mix of industrial and animal photos at the show

Ira Yawnick's photography

And there are some small ones in the basket!

Ira Yawnick's photography

Ira’s a real character, and the titles to the photographs, which you can’t see here, all tell a story.

Ira Yawnick's photography

The sad part was having to curate out some great landscapes, but I felt the choices I made had more soul in them.