There was just something about it….

Sometimes, there’s just something about a painting that you love that spoils it.  And the worst part is when you can’t figure it out.  Or maybe the second worst part.  For me the worst part is realizing what you need to fix… after it’s sold.

Salton Sea Sunset II

Salton Sea Sunset II detail of rocks – before

So I’ve wondered over the years why ‘Salton Sea Sunset II’ never sold.  It won an award at the county fair and a lot of people loved it. But.  I realized there was always something about the rocks.  The way I had done the shadows on the rocks made them look like they were floating balls. I realized this when I was working on two commissions of a similar view, both of which involved reproducing an existing painting(s), which had rocks in the water.

Salton Sea Sunset II

Salton Sea Sunset II – detail of rocks after

As I was painting the shadows of the rocks – or the waves and rills where they sit in the water, I realized what I was doing wrong.  Now they look like rocks!

I’m actually glad I didn’t sell that oil painting – now that I’ve fixed it I’m really** happy with it.  Hopefully the leap to the level of perfection will mean it now will find its forever home.  Here it is, strutting it’s stuff on the website.

2 thoughts on “There was just something about it….

  1. Oh, the original is lovely, but I see what you are saying! The rework you did on it really adds even more to those rocks. I so appreciate your talent, Jeni!!! I hold a secret wish to be a painter…..I’ve tried over the years different mediums and such, and always end up doing the same thing when left to my own devices: applying thick globs of paint, in different colors and swirling them…moving the paint around in sort of a feathery or abstract way. It “feels” good. LOL Which is so funny because I’m not really into “abstract” art. Thank you for your visit! xox


    • Keep swirling! Just because you’re not ‘into’ abstract art, doesn’t mean it isn’t in you and wants to come out. All artists surely sometimes paint things that they aren’t happy with, or wouldn’t choose for themselves, but someone adores them.


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