Opher- goodness sake.

Local Neighborhood gopher

Local Neighborhood gopher

We sometimes get animals at art fairs.  The least favorite is boy dogs attached to owners who are oblivious to the fact that we’re outdoors and even the best trained dog can make an honest error being unable to tell between a lamp post and a booth wall or even a chair or desk, and fail to monitor ‘activities’.

One of the better ones some years ago was a herd of pet llamas in the park at Yorba Linda.  Fortunately the city employees with the fair explained that this was the only* bad day of the year to bring the herd to the park and the owners led them home.

Birds are ever present and can sometimes fly or walk into a booth and take a look around, but they usually leave their credit cards at home or say it really wouldn’t match the decor in the nest.

Local Neighborhood gopher

Local Neighborhood gopher

Last weekend we could see we were in gopher territory by the state of the lawn, but we were surprised to get a visit from below.  I guess he was just acting like he owned the place.  At one point the crowd gathered round him included a boy of about 5 and I was delighted that the youngster got to enjoy wildlife up close.


One thought on “Opher- goodness sake.

  1. Normally we don’t get much truly native fauna where i live on the southern outskirts of Sydney (well, we do get possums and blue tongue lizards) but a few months ago a kangaroo actually leapt out of a bush at us and madly hopped away. i was pretty surprised. So unexpected meetings with native animals can have its moments ☺

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