The Deal of the Art

Advice from a doctor… art is good for your health. Well, your mental health anyway. (Don’t drink the turps and don’t lick your brush 🙂 )

img_1656I had the strange notion to visit an art museum today.  I had the day off, the kids were in school and I had no desire to peruse the aisles of Target again, mindlessly dropping things into my cart that may or may not contribute to the bottom line of some evil CEO and Trump cabinet member.  I hadn’t been to an art museum in years.  I just felt the NEED to go.

I felt the NEED to connect to humans in a way that spans time and space.  I was seeking stillness.  I wanted the art to speak to me, quietly, shyly at first, then explosively like an atomic bomb of understanding.  It can’t lie to me.  It can’t manipulate me.  It can’t mislead me, sell me something, take my money and my dignity.  It can’t take away thought or speech.  It just remains there, suspended for all…

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