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These are the hands.

These are the hands

These are the hands that have been so married to each other, and can now show it to the world.

This blog is a little off my usual topic, but I’m not the only thing that happens around here.  Sometimes, even in Salton City, something astonishing will happen.  Ten days ago I got to be a wedding photographer for a couple whom I’ve known almost since I first moved here.  They have been together over 30 years and have lived a few miles away from me for over twenty, so they have seen a lot of changes in this town.

They have not only lived together but for many years have worked together, one has been a sculptor and 3-d artist over the years, though they mainly now work together as carpenters and create high-end custom entertainment centers and kitchens in the Coachella valley area. Their hands have become work-worn with this labor of creation.

Some years ago I asked them whether, now that same-sex marriage is legal in California (this is the first time it was), they would marry.  They said if they did, they would probably sneak off and marry in front of a judge who doesn’t know folks around here, and tell no one.

About six weeks ago, a mutual friend said that not only would they be getting married, but he would be presiding over the wedding, and it would be taking place here in town.  And, I was invited.  It was a low-key event as far as budget was concerned – they had no photographer in mind so I offered to do this as a gift.

One of the portraits I wanted to take was of their hands.  These are the hands that have loved and lived and worked together and held on to each other over the decades.  These are the hands that have already been through better and worse, sickness and health, richer and poorer, and have now been allowed to wear the rings that show their promise.