Newer work #81

Well, a couple of paintings from a recent batch ended up going to forever homes before I had time to post them here!  Better get a few more up before the next show takes them away (I hope).  Though there are a few I wish I could hang onto for a while before they fledge the nest.

Mixed media painting

#1353 New Umbrella. Mixed media on panel. 9×12″ $90. Ready to hang and very shippable!

Sonnet Challenge #10

This suggestion was from Pia – “An Ode to Walking”.  I’m looking forward to getting some more walking done, now that the weather is starting to get cooler. I’m also looking forward to trying to finish up all the challenges that I think I can rise to on the Sonnet front this weekend when I’m having quiet moments at the show in Boulder City, NV.

An ode to walking.
The legs and arms get to be exercised,

the body warmed with muscles’ work that’s done.

The heart is set to pumping up a fire

and lungs are bellowing til they nearly burn.

A fast paced walk eventually gets you home,t

he broke-down car abandoned in the ditch.

And nothing going on inside the dome

you call your head, you just hit the off switch

of thought. Relaxing thus, you see this place

you drive through and ignore. So many trees,

such different plants and birds; you slow your pace

and gaze up at the clouds and feel the breeze.

For walking is one thing to do alone

It kills so many birds with just one stone.