Newer work #94

I love the desert rain when you can see it falling from a distance – sometimes the air below being so dry the rain never reaches the ground – the effect known as virga.


#1409 Desert Virga. Watercolor collage on foamcore, 7.5×5.5″ in mat to fit 10×8 frame. $45.
Contains the haiku:
Desert virga falls,
precipitation transforms
into a thin veil.

Pillows as soft as a cloud.

Velvet Virga on a pillow

Velvet Virga on a pillow

I offer cards and prints of a few of my works on Fine Art America – and recently they added throw pillows to their list of products.  Ah, the poetic possibilities – skies to put your head on – your head in the clouds – just the thing for an afternoon nap!  Check out the ones that I’ve added here – but if you see a painting on my website that you’d like in pillow form, let me know and I can put the image up.