Newer Work #107

Sunday morning

“The Dome” is a community building in Vista Del Mar (which is kind of a suburb of Salton City).  Technically it’s a club house for various city lots that are club members, but you can become a member even if your home lot isn’t a ‘membership’ lot.  Anyway it’s  really neat community venue with a beautiful building and a pool, built in the late 50s or early 60s.

At the side of the pool is the ‘Tiki bar’.  It’s been years I’m sure since it was used as a bar, due to the newer regulations about selling liquor, or having glasses around the pool.   Nevertheless it is there and occasionally requires refurbishment, usually in the form of a lick of paint.  During the most recent refurbishment, I was asked by the board to put a design on the front.  Nothing too complex – a bunch of palm trees.  The pool is surrounded by palm trees.

As it is already quite cosy here, the only good time to paint is first thing in the morning, so on Sunday morning I dragged myself out of bed and was brush in hand and poolside by 7am.


Some artists are apparently afraid of the blank canvas, but I love them!


Step one is to install the sky.


Now how about adding a few stumps.


Had to start leafing it up at the right hand end, the sun is chasing me around the corner.


Just keep going…


And there you have it.


I took a side angle too, I was shooting into the sun which doesn’t help.


While I was making trees, Skeeter used some of the sky paint to refurbish the sign at the back.


Larch View

The painting ‘wet and nameless’ in my last blog got dry enough that I could add the foreground tree.  I started out with not knowing what kind of tree to do – a fully leafed one, totally bare one, or something in between.  A google image search for ‘tree silhouettes’ produced primarily cartoon silhouettes so I was without inspiration.

Painting of larch tree against misty dawn

Perhaps a little too stubby?

For some reason, the name ‘larch’ popped into my head.  Don’t ask me why – I don’t think I’ve ever met a larch – I just knew the word and knew it was a tree that grew in temperate climates – like the misty one in the background.  So, off I googled again (I don’t have a tree book, much as I love both – it seems kind of a contradiction in terms…) and came up with some larches.  Hmmm, that seems kind of plump for a larch.

larch view painting

“Larch view”. Oil on canvas, 24×36″, $1080.

Ah, that’s better.  There’s something about a lone tree that invokes the feeling of peace and solitude.