Sonnet Challenge #25

So for a little light bedtime reading, it’s usually a science book or something similar.  I recently bought a science reference book (it’s useful to have a periodic table handy when my mind wanders) and read about the accuracy of Cesium clocks and other (mis-)uses of radioactive materials……

Atomic Time


We count the rot of Cesium to mark time;

we are obsessed with measuring the past

as it come at us, from a future cast

quite randomly; yet we strive to align

the whirl of planets circling the stars

above us.  Slicing time up like a pie

in pieces with precise equality

so we can note the passage of the hours.

We watch the atoms split, then split them more,

note and love the difference in decay,

and harness it to blow ourselves away,

then realize we cannot close that door.

We know that action made the world a mess

but that’s one thing we couldn’t second guess.


What is time?


I few days ago I saw a post by PZF Photography about the towns abandoned during the Chernobyl disaster, and was inspired to write a poem about the amusement park.  I was also haunted enough to think about reblogging, but then when I went hunting for his link I found he was impressed enough to reblog it.  Follow his link below the photo….

The last few days have been quite amazing for me. I’ve been overwhelmed by the attention my Chernobyl photo essay received, after Krista, an editor at WordPress, selected it for the Discover section. Naturally, when we write or share photographs (or both, in this case) we do it because we believe it’s a story worth […]

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