New display at Sm’Art gallery.

displayOct2017Alana, my wonderful gallerist at the sm’Art gallery co-op in La Quinta and Michael Angelo Hernandez have been repainting and reorganizing the gallery.  Here is my strip of wall as we finished hanging it earlier in the week.

While I was putting up a few new paintings, another new artist, Tomasso Biondi, recognized the tall sunrise on the left – he had seen it published somewhere.  If I had it published I lost track of it.  The odd thing is I don’t think it’s the first time that someone had that comment about it….

And yes, those are a couple of pet portraits at the bottom.  After I did one over the summer, Alana thought it might be a good idea to offer them.  (Yes, I can do them remotely…..)

Class acts

The last few days I’ve run two watercolor collage fun workshops.  All, serendipitously with people who have art experience in other mediums, but thought they would pick up something useful from my workshop, and they did!  It’s always fun to work with groups who have open minds as to what they want to achieve, whether or not they have prior creative experience of any kind.

Watercolor collage workshop

Angelo with two abstract pieces

Jeni Bate teaching

Jeni teaching

Watercolor collage workshop

Cherry and Chaleen with abstract and representational artworks.


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