Co-la-la-lage evening

mixed media painting

“Soft Light” at the top of the stairs at ‘The Loft At Liz’s’



Last Saturday I sped from the art fair in Sierra Madre over to the Co-La-La-Lage reception – a juried show of the Collage Artists of America at The Loft At Liz’s in West LA.  (Well, it started with driving at the speed limit but of course it was stop and slow through downtown and we slowed to a crawl on the I10 – there was a wreck just before my exit.  Ah, yes, I love LA.)  The upstairs gallery was crowded.  I think most of the 30 artists in the show attended the reception and brought others too.  There was an awards ceremony (no, I didn’t win anything), but having two of three paintings accepted into the show was an honor.


mixed media painting

Gentle Storm at ‘The Loft at Liz’s’



One of the disappointments of the show is that the paintings did not have labels on the wall next to them.  I would liked to have added the cards that have the poems that each painting has alongside the card, but it just wasn’t an option.







mixed media painting


I was interested in some of the mixed media pieces as I have a collector/friend who is looking for a mixed media piece for a certain place in his home, so I took a few shots of these when I got a chance and the crowd cleared.

mixed media wall sculpture

mixed media sculpture

mixed media sculpture

“Potus’ Bedroom”



This one was one of the prize winners.  The artist said that it contained everything that was apparently important to him.   Sadly the way that CAA sends emails I can’t open the content of all of them, so I’m not able to tell you the names of any of the other pieces shown (other than mine), or the artists’ names.  Ah, technology.


East Jesus Sculpture Garden

Beyond Salvation Mountain, at the back of ‘the last free place’ – i.e.Slab City – is the East Jesus Sculpture Garden.  It was my first visit.  To get there, you have to go through Slab City, hang a left and loop round until you get to the Fork in the Road.

If you get to a fork in the road, take it....

If you get to a fork in the road, take it….

Taking the right path, obviously we arrived at a collection of large scale upcycled assemblage art.  One of my favorites was the life-sized Ele.  I don’t know if it’s officially called that at the moment, but I figure they’ll be working on putting in the phant as materials allow.

Ele - waiting on phant

Ele – waiting on phant

As with all art, it provides something of a different window on the world.

One way of looking at things is always through a bottle. Just sayin.....

One way of looking at things is always through a bottle. Just sayin…..