Sky music

When I was a child, I played piano.  (Come to think of it I possibly still can a little.)  Now that I’m older, I paint clouds.  This machine combines both.



Forever home…

“Symbiosis” is something of a special child for me.  It is my first move into the mixed media of refractured watercolor and acrylic, and it was an immediate hit with me.  Yesterday this little one was also a real hit with a lady and her daughter.  They were tempted by a couple of my other mixed media paintings that they saw at the show in Los Altos, but the daughter suggested that Symbiosis would work well on the wall on the way into the piano room.  If you’re a concert pianist, the piano room is of course an important part of the house!  (I see there are at least two pianos in there…..)

Symbiosis in forever home  Later that day I received a call – was Symbiosis still available.  Yes!  So, just as the show was wrapping up for the day she came back, and I was later blessed with a photo of Symbiosis in its forever home.