Palm Mountain Refresh

Last Friday I traded out the work that I have displayed at the Palm Mountain Resort and Spa in Palm Springs ahead of our busy season.  I took down the mixed media paintings and put up a series of oil paintings.  For some reason my phone decided not to save one of the pictures.  Oh well, all is not lost.  One of the things I love about this Spahhhh is that the treatment rooms have names such as ‘Relax’, ‘Refresh’ and ‘Renew’.


Palm Mountain Resort and Spa

Jeni Bate paintings in hotel lobby.

Hotel Lobby.

Yesterday my favorite art dealer, Rick Pantele of Incredible Art Center hung two of my paintings in the lobby of Palm Mountain Resort in Palm Springs.  As a result of this, the new owners of the recently remodelled Spa just around the corner requested that we hang some more inside the treatment rooms and common areas in the spa. So that’s what we did today.  Nothing like getting things done promptly!

Jeni Bate paintings in spa

Treatment room #1 with Vermillion Delight

Jeni Bate paintings in spa

Treatment Room #2 with Ocean’s Draw

Jeni Bate paintings in spa

Treatment Room #3 with ‘Sunrise with Creosote’

Jeni Bate paintings in spa

Office and Waiting area with ‘Rose Ochre Dawn’ and ‘Waiting for my Honey to come home’.

Jeni Bate paintings in spa

Entryway with ‘Up, up and away’.