Mixed media

Who knew that Vincent van Gogh was a mixed media artist?  Turns out that he incorporated some unusual components in his work.  It is know that he liked very much to paint en plein aire, so it’s actually not that much of a surprise that he incorporated wildlife into his paintings, along with dust and sand.

A smaller class this month.

Paint and wine class students

In this class, the paintings all ended up really similar, despite the fact I gave free rein with placement of clouds, mountains, hills and sheep.

Sometimes it’s a big class, sometimes a small one.  This month I goofed and brought the painting I’d intended to work with next* month – which is easy to understand when I’d been planning three classes next month and had the planner turned to September.  Nevertheless, all the students, one of whom is a returning student, had fun painting ‘The Old Red Overalls’.  Hmm, I really need to start picking some simpler subjects.  One thing that teaching has taught me is how difficult it actually is for beginners or someone with just a little experience!  The student on the left is an accomplished gardener and decided my ‘rows of crop’ were closest to red lettuce.  Her crop looked a lot more like red lettuce.  Good work all of you!

Replacement shed.

replacementshedIf your shed gets old and worn out, eventually it will need replacing.  This photograph was taken by my good friend and former photography teacher Ruben Araiza – sometime back in the 70s or 80s, of a shed on a hill somewhere near Irvine.  The place no longer exists and the field, trees and shed have been replaced by a neighborhood or offices or something.  I always liked the photo and we traded photo for painting many years back.  Over the intervening decade, the photo has faded badly.  So, I decided to paint it in order to replace the image.  Here are the two.