Glass Outhouse Gallery – ‘Fleeting Passions’

A few years ago I was introduced to the Glass Outhouse Gallery in Wonder Valley – just east of 29 Palms.  It is in the middle of nowhere, even more than I am, and has a small gallery where Laurel and Howard hold month-long 2-artist shows, and a sculpture garden made of recycled material art, created by Howard.

Artwork in gallery

Four skies in the Glass Outhouse Gallery

I had a show there a few years ago with my Mixed Media work and am scheduled to have another show there with that medium in January 2021.  Yes, artists do plan ahead.

Artwork in gallery

The cart shows that this is a hanging day.

As I have another body of work and enough Mixed Media to run two shows concurrently, I’m on their ‘waitlist’.  A list of artists who, in an emergency can put together a show in a couple days.  Last week I got the call.

Artwork in gallery

The outgoing artist hadn’t picked up her work yet.

I had planned to take my oils and acrylics to the show in Monrovia this weekend, but with a quick call I managed to get that changed and this body of work was available for the month.

Artwork in gallery

Nice little row, the last 4 ‘diamonds’

My fellow artist is Tami Wood.  We both joked that our names are two four-letter words.  Her work is made exclusively of recycled materials.  We’ve called our show ‘Fleeting Passions’ because we both explore ephemeral aspects of our environment.

Artwork in gallery

And room for the bin, that holds paintings I did in or for paint and wine evenings that I’ve taught.

After the show in Newport I brought everything up and hung the show.  Howard will pin up the prices later.

Artwork in gallery

I’m surprised the one on the left hadn’t sold at Newport, it had a lot of interest.

Because of existing commitments (Monrovia), I can’t be at the reception but Tami will handle that and I’ll do my share of gallery sitting during the month.

Artwork in gallery

The painting on the right is one from my house – I’m down to the last few oils and acrylics and am selling at discount prices!

What I didn’t realize until I told another friend in 29 Palms about the late arrangement, I’d scored a show during the Highway 62 Art Tour – three of the four weekends in October, and the Glass Outhouse Gallery is one of the stops.  Wow, I’m sure glad I decided to go for it!

Artwork in gallery

Almost exactly the right amount of space, there was only one suitable painting I didn’t put up!

I feel bless that because of various issues outside of my scope, I now have a show with both bodies of work on the Highway 62 tour – I have Mixed Media work at the High Desert Medical Center!



The High Desert Medical Center in Joshua Tree hosts artist displays in four areas in the hospital.  The shows include three artists and go up for four months.

This is the second time I’ve shown here and this time my fellow artists are Mae Fox, a stained glass artist, and Tammy Romatko, a painter.  The curator, Raini Armstrong, also gets to display a piece on the group wall in the cafe.

The reception didn’t have a lot of attendees (it’s August in the desert, only the hardy are still around) but I was delighted that my friend and fellow artist Nancy Miehle came, along with her husband Bob.

Art at High Desert Medical Center

My work on the wall in the main foyer, with Nancy and Bob.

Raini gave us a tour of the four parts of the installation.

Art at High Desert Medical Center

Tammy Romatko’s animal inspired work.

In the cafe, there is a group show.

Art at High Desert Medical Center

All four artists have work on this wall.

We posed for a quick photo.  Mae had recently fallen ill and had not been able to attend the reception.

Art at High Desert Medical Center

Raini, Tammy and Jeni with their artwork.

In the Emergency Room waiting area there are a couple spaces with Mae’s stained glass art.

Art at High Desert Medical Center

Mae Fox’ work on the wall

Art at High Desert Medical Center

Mae’s work in the display case.

The artwork will be up until Halloween.  If you’re in the area and have a few minutes, please stop by.