La Mirada talk and demo

Last week I went to the monthly meeting of the La Mirada Art Club to talk about my work and demonstrate part of my process for them.  I was fortunate that one of the members agreed to take some pics of me working while I was assembling the refractured watercolor.


Here’s the empty room, just when I’d set up.


After having watched me brutally hack up my painting, I start by assembling the horizon. 


I usually am looking at the sky the ‘right way up’…..


…and I usually start with the top of the sky….


Now it’ starting to come together.


Sliding some deeper blue under other pieces.


Well folks, that’s all we have time for tonight.


This is the layout that I created at the demo, but I just picked up the pieces without marking their places.


This is the final product

The poem in it reads:

Dawn leaves me speechless

These gold and turquoise jewels

precious beyond words.


Newer work #4

Surrender to Blue

#1134 – “Surrender to Blue”- 14×11″ refractured watercolor matted to 16×20″ frame. $175

The last work from the art fair demonstration in Yuma.  The use of the blue pieces at the bottom inspired the name.  I actually realized while working on “Going Places” that I had cut the original watercolor in such a way that I could make two refractured watercolors out of the same painting.  I didn’t really have enough of the yellow areas to do the bottom part, so, thinking it would be a nice challenge to make two out of one, I eventually – surrendered to using the blue corners.

A morning in Sky Valley

Dillon Road arcs to the north of a stretch of I10 that I zoom up and down, and runs through Sky Valley.  For a skyaholic it is odd that I should never have taken Dillon Road – it’s been on the bucket list for awhile.  Well I was invited to speak about my work in front of the Spa City Palletteers and they meet in… Sky Valley.  No more excuses!  This posting is mostly pics – I spent a little while talking about my work then did a really brief demo.  Thanks to Caren Godwin for taking the photos.  It seems that I must zoom around very fast when I work as my hands were usually blurred.  And thank you to the Paletteers for putting on such a wonderful welcome!

Talking about my work with the slideshow.

Talking about my work with the slideshow.

Last Stop

Using ‘Last Stop’ as an example.

Paper wetting stage of my demo.

Paper wetting stage of my demo.

Partially completed watercolor.

Partially completed watercolor.

Dropping in some darker clouds.

Dropping in some darker clouds.

Arranging a refractured watercolor.

Arranging a refractured watercolor.

Marking up so they're in just the right place at the gluing stage.

Marking up so they’re in just the right place at the gluing stage.

Even made a few people laugh.

Even made a few people laugh.

Fillmore oranges at sunset

A road in Fillmore, CA

A road in Fillmore, CA

I know I’ve been quiet for awhile…. it’s been busy….. but now I’m in the process of preparing for a Wine and Paint class that I’m giving this Wednesday evening at Vanguard Art Gallery in Moreno Valley.  I chose something a little more landscape, and not a post-sunset, a before-sunset scene.  The view is through orange groves in Fillmore, a drive that I used to take when sitting at the first gallery that I showed at, in Ojai.

In the process of showing what is possible, I painted the scene this afternoon, in part to run through how I would best organize progress for a class. I omitted the phone poles from the photograph – mainly because once you put the poles up, it’s good to put the wires on them, and that requires a steady hand…..  Did I mention that it’s a wine and paint class…..

Fillmore Oranges at Sunset

Fillmore Oranges at Sunset, 20×16 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.

Anyway here is the finished version.  I took me about an hour and a half so that should work out just fine for the class.  Hmm, might enter that into the National Orange show next month…..

Demonstration in Indio Senior Center

Demonstrating at Indio Senior Center

Demonstrating at Indio Senior Center

As part of the experience of selling some work at the Indio Senior Center this week, I was asked to spend a few hours demonstrating.  I had originally intended to demo in acrylic, but realized I didn’t have enough titanium white to do the demo and finish the piece I’m planning on getting done before I have a chance to go to the art store so…. oils it is! The other upside of oils, I decided, is that I didn’t have to worry about the paint drying when I was stopping painting to talk to people.  The downside of course is transporting them while wet afterwards, but I used the painting boxes for the pieces that I’d taken in the prior Friday.

#1120 - untitled oil painting 16x20"

#1120 – untitled oil painting 16×20″

I was glad I took two canvases as I paint quickly and did indeed finish both paintings. These made it home without smudging too much in the back of the truck and are now drying on the wall with brown paper ‘diapers’ behind them.  Both are as yet untitled.

#1121 - untitled oil painting 20x16"

#1121 – untitled oil painting 20×16″