Next Year’s color

I’m thrilled to see that my favorite color is going to be ‘color of the year‘ as advised by Pantone.  Anyone who has passed my house on laundry day can attest to the favorite colors at this house.  (I have a washing line, not a dryer.  Why would I want a dryer? I live in a dryer.)

An interesting aside in the linguistics of color: when I’m teaching about the color wheel, I mention that the secondary color between red and blue is often referred to in artistic circles as violet. Purple/violet is one of those colors that have two names – one from the German “purpurrot” and one from the French “violet”.

Newer work #50

I thought I would choose the raindrop shapes and the pink background for this one because we always think of rain/water as blue/gray/white.  So I thought I would be obstreporous and go the other side of the color wheel.

Mixed media painting

#1229 Love Rain II. Mixed media on pine panel, 17″ diameter. $300.

Mixed media painting

The picture of this in place gives a much better idea of the texture and sheen.

Absolute Beginner’s Class

Here are some photos taken by one of the other gallerists when I was teaching in Borrego Springs Art Institute on Tuesday.  The three students, with varying levels of experience, all found they learned a lot from the class.

Jeni Bate teaching beginning painting class

Students often feel more comfortable creating a color wheel when I am too. Yes, that apron does make me look fat, doesn’t it!

Jeni Bate teaching beginning painting class

Just checking that she is painting off in the right direction. I am actually still** wearing my shorts behind the apron.

Jeni Bate teaching beginning painting class

We don’t worry about exactly evenly spaced areas, but it’s important to get the right mixes in the right places.