Newer work #114

There are so many species on the brink of extinction, hence this influence.

A little bit of fun.

I had bought some tshirts for a summer camp class last year that didn’t run, so I had a clump of white tshirts.  I decided to have a little fun with them over the last couple days.  Not that I need any more tshirts….  Let me know if you are interested.  All these are an adult medium, but I can recreate them in a different size. $20+tx/sh.


“So, I’m different. So?”


“Neighborhood watch”, the inspiration for this came from my chalk painting ‘The artist as part of the environment


The detail on Neighborhood watch


“Disappearing butterflies”


“Always dance in the rain.”


“Circles and splashes”. Front of tshirt


“Circles and splashes” tshirt back of tshirt.

Newer Work #61

Lots of people like the butterfly shapes, though it is one of the harder ones to create – both from the cutting point of view and the assembling point of view.  Red Admirals are butterflies that I remember from my childhood in Wales – though I have never seen one in the US.

Refractured watercolor painting

#1241 Red Admiral Morning. Refractured watercolor on foamcore, 11×14″ in mat to 16×20″. $195.

Newer work #46

Mixed media painting

#1225 Fluttering Clouds. Mixed media on pine panel, 17″ diameter. $300.

This is one that especially deserves to have the ‘in place’ shot posted.  By design you really have to look twice to see those butterflies.  I wanted to create a painting where the shape of the refractured watercolor part is more hidden than obvious, and I feel I’ve succeeded here.  The color is also more accurate (at least on my screen) on the in-place shot.





Mixed media painting

Fluttering clouds hung in place – the butterflies are now more apparent because of the texture.

Newer work #31

Mixed media painting.

#1200 “Flitting”. Mixed media on panel, 18×36″. $800.

It took several tries before I settled on the ‘background’ for this one.  Yup, the background goes on last.  It is only my second ‘butterfly’ piece, but there will be more.  This has a poem written for the painting and painted into it amidst the butterflies:


We flit
through the world
like clouds
thinking our lives
are of substance