The end of a class

Over the winter I have been teaching an intermediate watercolor class at a gated community in La Quinta.  I’ve done a number of exercises that have produced multiple paintings in a category that I don’t usually sell work in.  Now that the classes are coming to an end, I have a set of perfectly good paintings in a box kicking around the bottom of the studio.  So, Etsy time!  Here are three paintings I put up this morning, ready to go to a new home for a reasonable price. $80!


Riverbend II


Conejo Barn at Dawn II


Afternoon Nap II

This year’s bargain basement….

I won’t post all of this month’s Skyscapes newsletter (you can read it on THIS page if you wish), but thought that this might interest a few looking for an end of year bargain.

I’ve already sold one to an existing collector, so there are just 6 mid-sized, small-priced paintings left with a few flaws.  Check them out HERE.