And another acceptance

Dear Jeni,

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that one or more of your entries have been chosen for inclusion in the 3rd Annual Lines, Shapes & Objects (June 2021) Online Juried Art Exhibition. 

Your participation in the competition is very much appreciated as it helped to ensure a diverse body of work from which selections were made.

Please visit the exhibition on our website starting tomorrow, June 5th, to see the exhibition winners and all the beautiful artwork that was selected for inclusion in the exhibition.

Award certificates will be sent to the winners no later than the 15th of the month. If you won Best in Show, your award payments will be sent via PayPal by the 15th. Best in Show winners will also receive an email in the Fall with the details for the Annual Group Show in Palm Springs in 2022.

Thank you again for your participation and sharing your talent with us.  We’re honored you chose Fusion Art.


Chris & Valerie Hoffman

Fusion Art

Here was my submission, “Cloud Castles” Watercolor collage, 9.5×7.5 in mat to 12×10″. $65:

Another nice little surprise

Yesterday I went to pick up my paintings from the Imperial County Fair.  I often enter about 10 paintings but this year only had four that fit the categories well (you can only enter two in each category).  I was pleasantly surprised to find that ‘Arrows‘ had won 3rd place in “Non-objective or abstract paintings, any media”, and “Hope Rising” had taken 1st place in the same category.

Following the county fair, one of our local museums, Pioneer’s Museum, hosts the first and second place winners in each category, so I had to run off to drop Hope Rising at its next venue.  My good friend Ginger Ryerson who curates the art wall there and the art shows was there for the intake.  Hope Rising is a heavier piece so I helped her hang it.

Ginger Ryerson hanging 'Hope Rising' at Pioneers' Museum in Imperial

Just leveling it a little more….

A nice little surprise.

When I went to pick up my paintings yesterday from the Riverside County Fair – also the National Date Festival, I had a nice little surprise. Of the three paintings I entered, two came home with ribbons, and I came home with a nice little check.  ‘The Setting Sun’ had taken an honorable mention in the Theme of the year, non-traditional, and ‘Gentle Storm’ had taken first place in the same category.  Well, the theme of the year was clouds….

Two mixed media paintings with ribbons

Two winners at the National Date Festival.  Oooh, look at that big fat bow.

Full House

The county fair in a predominantly agricultural county may seem an odd place to display art, but as the description suggests, we do have culture along with our ag. Some years I’m available on take in/pick up dates, others not and I have to skip a year. This year the stars aligned. I thought that seeing as I was going to be making the trip twice I would make sure I entered as many paintings as possible, so I entered ten.

I won ten ribbons!  Not the best of show, but in their categories I got three firsts, three seconds and four thirds.

County fair winning ribbons

Every one’s a winner baby!

I’ll just show you a few:

First place winner: Morning Star

Second place winner: Awaken

Third place winner: Dark water, white wave


Something yellow arrived

Tie a yellow ribbon

Tie a yellow ribbon on the old art booth…

Back at the beginning of June I won 2nd place in category (Mixed Media) at the Thousand Oaks ArtWalk.  But their ribbons were on back order so all I got was a piece of paper.  Well, the ribbon finally came through.  It reminded me of the song ‘Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree’ from back in the (ahem) 70s.  Now, if only that piece of paper had my name spelled correctly on it…..

Indian Wells – off the waitlist

Jeni Bate at Indian Wells

Skyscapes for the Soul at Indian Wells.

Last Saturday I got a call to say I had been taken off the waitlist for the three day Indian Wells Arts Festival – and here I am in a great space!  Well, here the booth is – I’m behind the camera.

Jeni Bate at Indian Wells

Jeni Bate at Indian Wells

The interesting part is that my booth has an unusual fung shui water element – a fire hydrant in one corner.   I later received a ‘virtual ribbon’ for not complaining about the hydrant.  Like what are they going to do – move it???  I put the mat bin in front of it.

Refractured watercolor with texture

Refractured watercolor with texture

Later in the afternoon, the oblique light across two of the paintings showed their texture to the best advantage.

Rows of bows

2015 Imperial countyfair ribbons


Just went over to the Imperial Valley EXPO to pick up my paintings that I entered in the competitions at the county fair.  I entered 8 paintings and 6 received ribbons.

Dark Water, White Wave

Dark Water, White Wave

This was the painting that won the first prize in category ‘Oil Seascapes’.

In the pink

best of category mixed media ribbon

That is a great pink!

Although I don’t enter a lot of competitions, I’ve won a few ribbons over the years at galleries and at the county fair.  Last Saturday at Thousand Oaks was the first time I’ve won a ribbon at an art fair.  And it was a good one.  Best of category – Mixed Media for the refractured watercolors.