Children and art

Sometimes it is difficult to take kids to art fairs as they always want to touch. ¬†I’m always happy to point out to parents that my work is pretty kid proof and if they poke at it, I won’t have to cut their hands off ūüôā which usually is a relief as it’s often too late at that point.

I follow the Red Dot blog of Jason Horejs of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. ¬†He covers a lot of interesting topics (though sadly he doesn’t transmit on WordPress). ¬†I was really interested in his blog of August 9th about kids looking at art in museums and galleries.

From what he says about children appreciating museum/gallery art, it seems like art fairs are a little more interesting for little ones – for a start there’s frequently something hung at their eye level in a booth, some of it (like the one below) would be ideal for a child’s room, and there aren’t quite such strict rules about running between displays. ¬†Occasionally I will get a youngster who comes back to subsequent shows with enthusiasm – and I know that I can’t be the only artist who enjoys this phenomenon, so here and there, future collectors are being created.


#1271 Night Watch. ¬†Mixed media on panel (refractured watercolor, poetry, acrylic). 14×24″.

The oldest studio

I always figured that the oldest known art work was the paintings on the caves at Lascaux, but it appears there is another category in the ancient art world – the studio! ¬†Or perhaps it is best described as the paint manufacturer. ¬†I think many people forget how much chemistry there is in art – here’s an article about some of the pigments that they worked with about 42,000 years ago.

It seems though that they hadn’t gotten into being muralists at that time, likely just body painting. ¬†So that classifies it as time-based art. ¬†Or beauty products…..

Who was Vincent?

Vincent van Gogh's wheatfield

Was it a dead end, or just a curve in the road?????

I thought This was a very interesting article about Vincent van Gogh – one of my favorite painters. ¬†Maybe he was who we thought he was, maybe not! ¬†Ah, now there’s something we can’t do these days – trade places with our twin, start afresh, stand at the crossroads and decide to disappear around the bend. ¬†At least not in the technologically linked world – too much verification of ID. Not quite sure if I’d want to be anyone else anyway….


Confluence of Disciplines

Sometimes you can just answer a simple question with the first honest – and incomplete – answer.

Here’s my monthly mailing that explains why art forms can be so interwoven.

February’s monthly newsletter

This month I’m reflecting on some Community Service that I have been engaged in.

I’ll take that….

Skyscapes for the soul at Trilogy

A small corner for a 5 hour show.

When I was setting up for a small show at Trilogy last weekend (it’s a gated community in La Quinta and they have an annual art fair), I discovered my reputation had preceded me. ¬†(I wish…..)



Newer work #41

No, I have no idea why this painting has this name. ¬†Sometimes the names (like the poems) just fall out of the air, the cup, the end of the pen…..perhaps it’s because we all forget the beauty that can be in the sky even on the calmest day. ¬†This is one from my head, taken from an idea I saw may years ago coming out of Laguna Beach, CA – we came across the top of the hill and before us was Orange County drenched in fog.

Mauve sky painting

#1216 The Forgotten Garden. Oil on canvas 12×12″, $100