Newer Work #70

Mixed media skyscape painting

#1258 Reaching. Mixed media on panel, 14×11″ $180.



Here is one where I went kind of outside the bounds of color combinations that the sky and clouds actually do.  I named it “Reaching” because I felt that the red cloud was reaching up and out of the painting.  Now that I revisit this, I see things that I did not intend to put in this painting.  What do you see in it?










One of my more abstract paintings – or is it….

Full House

The county fair in a predominantly agricultural county may seem an odd place to display art, but as the description suggests, we do have culture along with our ag. Some years I’m available on take in/pick up dates, others not and I have to skip a year. This year the stars aligned. I thought that seeing as I was going to be making the trip twice I would make sure I entered as many paintings as possible, so I entered ten.

I won ten ribbons!  Not the best of show, but in their categories I got three firsts, three seconds and four thirds.

County fair winning ribbons

Every one’s a winner baby!

I’ll just show you a few:

First place winner: Morning Star

Second place winner: Awaken

Third place winner: Dark water, white wave


Class acts

The last few days I’ve run two watercolor collage fun workshops.  All, serendipitously with people who have art experience in other mediums, but thought they would pick up something useful from my workshop, and they did!  It’s always fun to work with groups who have open minds as to what they want to achieve, whether or not they have prior creative experience of any kind.

Watercolor collage workshop

Angelo with two abstract pieces

Jeni Bate teaching

Jeni teaching

Watercolor collage workshop

Cherry and Chaleen with abstract and representational artworks.


A little bit of kudos.

Mixed media Painting

#1127 Vermillion Delight. 30×40″ each panel, mixed media (refractured watercolor, poetry and acrylic). $3,500

I recently applied to an online show with Manhattan Arts – New Beginnings.  I’ve applied to shows with them a couple times before without success – but this time I was accepted as an ‘Award of Merit’ entrant with ‘Vermillion Delight’.  The show will be up for a couple months.


Sky music

When I was a child, I played piano.  (Come to think of it I possibly still can a little.)  Now that I’m older, I paint clouds.  This machine combines both.



Newer work #50

I thought I would choose the raindrop shapes and the pink background for this one because we always think of rain/water as blue/gray/white.  So I thought I would be obstreporous and go the other side of the color wheel.

Mixed media painting

#1229 Love Rain II. Mixed media on pine panel, 17″ diameter. $300.

Mixed media painting

The picture of this in place gives a much better idea of the texture and sheen.

Newer Work #48

Mixed media painting

#1227 “Today is a gift”. Mixed media on pine panel. 17″ diameter. $300.



Here I go again with the different shapes.  The Bow was something of a challenge, in a) making an outline really look like a bow and b) not be impossible to cut, but after having succeeded in stars, there was no holding me back. I do like the fact that with this shape, it’s not symmetrical but it does work either way up. Every day is a gift and sometimes, you have to stick a bow on it.