Geometry 101 Show

Terry Hastings juried and curated a wonderful show at the art gallery in University of California Riverside’s Palm Desert campus.

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

Entry point!

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

It’s always nice when you walk in and know a lot of the artists already. This is my good friend Michael Angelo (Hernandez). Yes, I hang with Michael Angelo….

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

Captures of the structures in downtown LA

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

More color.

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

I wonder if they hung those from the top….

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

There’s always more walls….

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

No photoshopping involved here except to adjust the lighting and crop. These ladies heads really did align completely with the top of the row of paintings. I didn’t realize it until I was cropping the photo!

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

Love the middle piece.

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

More big paintings.

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

Even the cheese was more geometric than at some openings.

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

Fabric inspiration.

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

Oh, do we see something familiar to the left there? The th ing that is unfamiliar are the 6 paintings to the right. They are by Diane Morgan ( Definitely something for this show and not*** her usual style. When she arrived I said she needed to readjust her medication!

Artwork at the Geometry 101 showg101-mArtwork at the Geometry 101 show

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

I like this one too.


Lot of detail work….

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

From the right, Diane Morgan, Terry Hastings, Jeni Bate.

Artwork at the Geometry 101 show

We had a little sculpture too. Actually not so little.


These are littler sculptures.


That’s about it! I didn’t realize how much art there really was until I processed the images. It was a HUGE show. Kudos Terry!

A nice little surprise.

When I went to pick up my paintings yesterday from the Riverside County Fair – also the National Date Festival, I had a nice little surprise. Of the three paintings I entered, two came home with ribbons, and I came home with a nice little check.  ‘The Setting Sun’ had taken an honorable mention in the Theme of the year, non-traditional, and ‘Gentle Storm’ had taken first place in the same category.  Well, the theme of the year was clouds….

Two mixed media paintings with ribbons

Two winners at the National Date Festival.  Oooh, look at that big fat bow.

October’s newsletter

Please enjoy October’s newsletter – Changes.

Newer work #45

Mixed media painting with stars

#1222 Gold Star. Mixed media on panel, 17″ diameter, $300


The inspiration for this came from a lady I talked to in Monterey – who loves anything with star shapes on.  So hopefully this will find it’s way into her heart.  I’m still unsure about the color corrections possible with the newer version of Photoshop Elements.  The changes no longer allow me to correct from the camera as I would wish.  This is actually quite a nice red, not too lurid!  It looks better hanging on the wall HERE.

Newer work #33

Mixed media painting

#1202 “One with the sky”. Mixed media on panel, 36×24″. $1000.

This painting had several levels of inspiration.  First, a good friend of mine, Sheri Cohen remarked that things with hearts sell well (they do, I’ve sold two paintings in mats with heart shapes very quickly).  Second, not everyone has a color scheme in their home or office that works with regular ‘sky’ colors, so I thought I’d do something more abstract, color wise.  Third, just reading how much pollution is in the world.

The following poem is painted into the painting:

One with the sky

What if we nurtured the world
the way it nurtures us
What if we are one with the sky
What if we understood our lives
are as fleeting as storms
and watch the clouds pass by


Big class in Yuma

On Wednesday evening I ran one of the watercolor collage classes at the Yuma Fine Art Center in Yuma, AZ.  (This is my first out-of-state class!!) The Art Center had advertised very well and I had a class of fourteen.  All gals!  As always, there was a huge range of ideas and uses of the watercolor pieces before them – inside the box thinkers – outside the box thinkers – box? what box? thinkers – rippers -cutters – open spacers.  I figure I always learn something from a class, and this time it was to make a longer thinner table for large classes so it’s easier to get at the pieces – and to take a couple photos of the class in case my phone doesn’t focus!

Newer Work #19

Dark Mist Arising

#1157 Dark Mist Arising. Mixed media on panel, 48×24″ $1000.

This painting is a little bit of departure in that the acrylic part surrounding the refractured watercolor has texture.  One of my more abstract works.  No poetry.  Just texture and fantastic clouds.  The perfect solution for a room that needs a good ‘pop’ of art somewhere.