Good morning

The upside of the return jetlag is being up in plenty of time for mornings like these.  I lost a little red in those clouds when I went to get the camera, but it’s still beautiful.

Sunrise across the Salton Sea

Dawn off my back porch – my favorite place.

Cloud Appreciation Society Newsletter

I always love getting this newsletter whenever Gavin gets to writing one.  The vacations sound a little cold for this desert rat, but the necklaces and earrings on the ‘Buy Cloud Jewelry‘ page look like I might need to sent Santa some fake news about how good I’ve been this year….

How good? My cloud painting ‘The Road to Selfoss’ is on the front page of their website this month.   That’s not fake news!  It was painted from a photograph by my good friend Murray Foote.

Newer work #63

From one palm tree to two.  And a hotter morning, likely a summer morning, maybe August with a hot wet wind coming up from the gulf, and the sun about to heat it up some more.

Refractured watercolor dawn

#1243 Firestarter. Refractured watercolor on foamcore, 14×11″ in mat ready for a 20×16″ frame. $195.

Newer Work #49

Mixed media painting

#1228 Morning Thermals. Mixed media on pine panel. 17″ diameter. $300

The inspiration for the shape cut and name of this painting came from my neighbor who flies a powered paraglider, and who explains the reason he usually flies around sunset.  In the earlier parts of the day, different areas of land are heating up at different rates and exuding different warmths of air, creating undulating thermals.  We all see birds soaring on the thermals – apparently it is not as easy as you think to do this, especially when your primary mechanism of staying aloft is a slice of parachute, which could luff and collapse under the wrong air temperature gradient.

Newer Work #43

Mixed media sky abstract painting

#1219 Hot Sunset. Mixed media on solid wood panel. 17″ diameter, $300.


Hot Sunset is the first of a series of round panels.  I had tried one before and found it was well received so, needing to create a batch of smaller work, procured a stack of round panels.  This painting is created entirely from leftovers from a recent commission.  I like working with this new shape and am looking forward to other variations.  And a move towards more abstraction.

Newer Work #26


#1194 Cherry Blossom Morning I. 14×11″ in mat to fit 20×16″ frame. $195. Currently available at Incredible Art Center.



Cherry Blossom Morning was created when the cherry trees were probably still blossoming somewhere, but in fact I put the cherry tree on because it mimicked the sky.

Newer Work #24

Another collage inspired by the contents of the box of leftover pieces.  This is serendipitously a companion piece to ‘Stolen Moon‘, though I hadn’t intended to make a couple when I set out.  If you like it, share it!  If you want it, email me.!

Watercolor collage skyscape

#1193 ‘Reverse Sun’. Watercolor collage on foamcore. 10×8 matted to 14×11″ $90.