Tribute to the drying Salton Sea

Dawn at the end of an era.

“Dawn at the end of an era”. Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas 12×12″. $120.

The Salton Sea is in the news a lot these days – it’s about 4 ft lower than when I first moved here almost ten years ago.  The foundations of the old yacht clubs that were flooded in the dual storms-of-the-century in the late 70s are now visible.  The boat launch area from which a friend and I once paddled a canoe, is now an almost dried up inlet sporting only a large puddle.  I’m glad I took photos back then, they are already historical.  Sometimes when I paint from them I wonder if I will still be able to see the sun rise out of the water at winter solstice throughout my lifetime.  Perhaps, perhaps not.  This painting was created based on one of those old dawn photos.  I titled it to reflect that.

I had a feeling…

"The last sunset of the last Baktun!"

“The last sunset of the last Baktun!”

…. that somehow, the sun would indeed rise this morning.  It tends to.  I kinda take it for granted more than the next breath.  Though I recently stumbled on an interesting book called The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker, in which this became less frequent.  An unique read.

I also had a feeling (it’s also called reading the weather forecast) that this winter solstice dawn would not be the most interesting, skywise.  I was right, there was not a cloud in sight.  I immediately banished the thoughts of going to photograph the sun rising out of the Salton Sea, as it appears to do around winter solstice.

Fortunately there had been a more interesting display the previous evening, so I thought I would take the camera to it just incase my feeling was wrong, and this was the last sunset….