garagemessLast Monday I came home from a show at Menlo Park to a brown patch on the kitchen floor and an exploded bottle of balsamic vinegar.  This week, after four days away at Monterey for the same reason, the mess was in the garage.  Which is good because I’m husstling on a commission that needs to be delivered tomorrow and I really don’t have time to clean it up just yet.



lowlustersealerThis time it turned out to be the Low Luster Sealer, fortunately on the bottom* shelf of the cupboard on the left above (the vinegar had been on the top shelf which just added to the woe).  I had set out the suspects – the sealer and two bottles of engine oil, also in sticky bottomed bags – to continue the leak and provide further evidence of actual guilt.  I’m glad it’s the sealer, I can use the engine oil. I think this was left over from the porch floor project which was so long ago, it needs doing again, so a great excuse to not get into hoarding.  It crisps up quite nicely in the 114 deg heat, so I plan on scraping it up tomorrow morning.


I wonder what will have exploded when I get back from delivering the commission painting…..

Oh but it’s a dry heat.

Those who don’t live in the desert southwest will throw eyebrows up in astonishment at the heat and how us desert rats can tolerate it. We always give the same answer:  Oh, but it’s a dry heat.

Yesterday my indoor/outdoor weather sensor gave a perfect example of not only how hot, but also how dry – that’s the figure at the top right.


I’ve kinda stopped believing some of the things this sensor tells me – like the date is wrong again, I really don’t think it’s that humid indoors and it’s always* forecasting rain.  Maybe it’s just hopeful. But the temperature was in agreement with the dollar-store thermometer that hangs outside the kitchen window.