Cloud Appreciation Society Newsletter

You never know when the CAS newsletter is going to turn up, but one just did.  I’m looking forward to seeing who won the poetry competition next week…..

(That’s definitely a skyscape I would love to paint for someone on the newsletter!)

Cloud cuckoo land…

…. couldn’t resist passing along this title – oh and the Cloud Appreciation Society newsletter that goes with it.

Cloud Appreciation Society

I enjoy reading – and passing on – the newsletters from the Cloud Appreciation Society.  Here’s the latest. I’ve actually seen a low-bow myself, though it was draped across the top of the San Gorgonio mountains…. about an hour before the windstorm hit.

Cloud Appreciation Society Newsletter

If you’re not a Cloud Appreciation Society member, you’ll not get their newsletter. Some really interesting stuff in here about how clouds form.  (If it comes up with my name on it, I couldn’t find it directly from the CAS webpage, had to click the link a the bottom of my email..

Cloud appreciation society letter.

I’m a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, and sometimes we get a newsletter.  Thought I would share it HERE.

Realistic abstracts.

One of the ways I describe my refractured watercolor and mixed media art is this:  “I start with an abstract subject, paint it realistically, then rearrange it to give an impressionistic twist. (So whichever style you like, it’s there.)”

Many don’t realize there’s actually a lot of science goes into my creations even before I put the brush in the paint.  The Naming of Clouds is an interesting article I discovered through about how the science of the sky has affected the art of it.  I’m not the only one who wants to get it right!

Every cloud has a rainy lining

Marching Band of Rainers. 4x4" acrylic on canvas.

Marching Band of Rainers. 4×4″ acrylic on canvas.

During my stay Orange County, it rained copiously.  The inside of the cloud looking like full speed windshield wipers and the underside of an umbrella.  I visited the Gift Store at the Brea Art Gallery to trade out artwork, and thought it was poignant that one of the new paintings chosen was ‘Marching Band of Rainers’.We went back to the Brea Gallery on the Saturday evening to the opening of the Glass and Clay show.  So many delightful and innovative three dimensional pieces, but some of the pottery is painted on.  Ah.  Ideas.  No, perhaps not, I’m too clumsy and there are good reasons why I own mostly unmatched glasses.

Clouds look most wonderful from the outside, unless you’re a thirsty plant, and there are a lot of people, apparantly, as equally crazy as I about them.  One of my favorite websites is The Cloud Appreciation Society.  The occasionally feature poetry and art about clouds, and I learned today that I’m their latest artist.