Cloud Appreciation Soc Newsletter

This Newsletter is a lot about their upcoming cloudwatching vacations.  However, you just have to see June’s Cloud of the Month, it’s truly amazing.  If I painted that, no one would believe me!


CAS Newsletter

The Cloud Appreciation Society Newsletter is always an engaging read.

Cloud Appreciation Society Newsletter

You never know when the CAS newsletter is going to turn up, but one just did.  I’m looking forward to seeing who won the poetry competition next week…..

(That’s definitely a skyscape I would love to paint for someone on the newsletter!)

Cloud cuckoo land…

…. couldn’t resist passing along this title – oh and the Cloud Appreciation Society newsletter that goes with it.

Cloud Appreciation Society

I enjoy reading – and passing on – the newsletters from the Cloud Appreciation Society.  Here’s the latest. I’ve actually seen a low-bow myself, though it was draped across the top of the San Gorgonio mountains…. about an hour before the windstorm hit.

Cloud Appreciation Society Newsletter

If you’re not a Cloud Appreciation Society member, you’ll not get their newsletter. Some really interesting stuff in here about how clouds form.  (If it comes up with my name on it, I couldn’t find it directly from the CAS webpage, had to click the link a the bottom of my email..

Cloud appreciation society letter.

I’m a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, and sometimes we get a newsletter.  Thought I would share it HERE.