Newer Work #37

Sometimes I get asked about night time skyscapes – ‘nocturnes’.  Here’s one.  This one is pretty much out of my head, it’s not from a night sky in Joshua Tree – it’s named that way because of the foreground added.

Nocturne with moon and Joshua Tree

#1212 Joshua Moon. Oil on gallery wrap canvas, 12×12″ $100. Currently at Borrego Art Institute, but coming out of the summer show Oct 17th if it’s still unsold.

Realistic abstracts.

One of the ways I describe my refractured watercolor and mixed media art is this:  “I start with an abstract subject, paint it realistically, then rearrange it to give an impressionistic twist. (So whichever style you like, it’s there.)”

Many don’t realize there’s actually a lot of science goes into my creations even before I put the brush in the paint.  The Naming of Clouds is an interesting article I discovered through about how the science of the sky has affected the art of it.  I’m not the only one who wants to get it right!

Fillmore oranges at sunset

A road in Fillmore, CA

A road in Fillmore, CA

I know I’ve been quiet for awhile…. it’s been busy….. but now I’m in the process of preparing for a Wine and Paint class that I’m giving this Wednesday evening at Vanguard Art Gallery in Moreno Valley.  I chose something a little more landscape, and not a post-sunset, a before-sunset scene.  The view is through orange groves in Fillmore, a drive that I used to take when sitting at the first gallery that I showed at, in Ojai.

In the process of showing what is possible, I painted the scene this afternoon, in part to run through how I would best organize progress for a class. I omitted the phone poles from the photograph – mainly because once you put the poles up, it’s good to put the wires on them, and that requires a steady hand…..  Did I mention that it’s a wine and paint class…..

Fillmore Oranges at Sunset

Fillmore Oranges at Sunset, 20×16 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.

Anyway here is the finished version.  I took me about an hour and a half so that should work out just fine for the class.  Hmm, might enter that into the National Orange show next month…..

Skyscapes for the Soul coming to Santa Ana.

Skyscapes for the Soul at Liberty Fine ArtsIt’s not often I have a chance to show my work in Orange County and I am delighted to have been invited as the featured artist in a month-long show at Liberty Fine Art in the Santiago Arts District in Santa Ana.  The opening reception will be in conjunction with the monthly Santiago Art Walk.  I will be showing Oil and Acrylic Skyscapes. 
More information about the gallery at Liberty Fine Arts.

Only a windstorm

"Rain to the Rescue".  Watercolor collage; 8"x6" will frame to 10x8"

“Rain to the Rescue”. Watercolor collage; 8″x6″ will frame to 10×8″

It would be so nice to have one more rainstorm before summer.  Each morning I see dark clouds, but they don’t pink up into anything interesting to photograph, and they dissipate to high cirrus clouds for most of the day.

This afternoon is the windiest it has been in a while.  I actually had to close the windows for the first time since I’d returned from Fountain Hills.  But I did so too late, I will have to dust now anyway!

This little collage is a bit like some of the recent mornings.  A little hint of interest, but that’s all.  We need rain to the rescue, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Look up.

Look Up #1

Look Up #1

Yesterday morning I’d just unzipped the walls from my tent at the Desert Art Festival in Palm Springs, set the desk out back and the umbrella, and I looked up.  We were all nervous about the wind forecast, and I looked up to see how much the palm trees were swaying.  I was delighted by some white lacy clouds – and fortunately had the camera with me.  I took a shot, then reframed and took another.  It wasn’t until I came to download them just now that I realized how much those clouds had moved in two or three seconds.  Soon they were gone.  The fleeting beauty inspired me to write this:

Look Up #2

Look Up #2

Look up

Look up because you might just catch
a butterfly of sky’s lace
disappearing from your present
as the future sidles by.

Look up because beauty
is rarely less transient
than any of us –
even stars do not shine forever.

Look up because only in life
can we see these glints of flying water
just this way – and just this cloud
only right now, right now.

Look up because even without clouds
the dome can hold you down, black or blues
and is that where we all hope
to go eventually?