Palm Mountain Resort and Spa

Jeni Bate paintings in hotel lobby.

Hotel Lobby.

Yesterday my favorite art dealer, Rick Pantele of Incredible Art Center hung two of my paintings in the lobby of Palm Mountain Resort in Palm Springs.  As a result of this, the new owners of the recently remodelled Spa just around the corner requested that we hang some more inside the treatment rooms and common areas in the spa. So that’s what we did today.  Nothing like getting things done promptly!

Jeni Bate paintings in spa

Treatment room #1 with Vermillion Delight

Jeni Bate paintings in spa

Treatment Room #2 with Ocean’s Draw

Jeni Bate paintings in spa

Treatment Room #3 with ‘Sunrise with Creosote’

Jeni Bate paintings in spa

Office and Waiting area with ‘Rose Ochre Dawn’ and ‘Waiting for my Honey to come home’.

Jeni Bate paintings in spa

Entryway with ‘Up, up and away’.

Fun with pieces

Watercolor collage workshop

Two students making beauty out of bits and pieces.

Held a watercolor collage workshop at Incredible Art Center on Friday afternoon – only a small group at the end when I took the photos of them finishing up.  They made both artworks and cards.  We’re running the same workshop again a couple times before Thanksgiving – on the 10th and the 14th – both of these at 5-7:30pm.  If you’re in the area and would like to join us, you can book through the education page on the website, or call Rick  (760) 282-5004.

Happy students

We loved it!


Incredible Art Center Grand Opening

Jeni Bate's Refractured watercolors at Incredible Art Center

I officially became ‘The girl next door’ for an evening. Actually only one of them, there were several other artists with work in the pop-up gallery.

My second gallery reception on Saturday was the Official Grand Opening at Incredible Art Center in Palm Springs.  My good friend Rick Pantele reopened his gallery in this location – next door to where he was operating when we met about 9 or 10 years ago.  He’d also had an opportunity to borrow the empty store next door for the evening, so we took great advantage of it.  I gave him a box of smaller pieces and Kevin Winger hung them in a great arrangement.

Jeni Bate et al

Chatting with two gallery visitors.




Having fun and having a cow…

havingfun2Yesterday afternoon during the post-lunch-pre-dinner lull, we took over one of the rooms at Eight4Nine in Palm Springs and held a watercolor collage workshop.  (The other half of the ‘we’ is Rick of Incredible Art Center.) A couple of attendees didn’t show which made it a class of five, three of whom weren’t sure about their creativity levels.  We fixed that! Here are some of the results.

Watercolor collage workshop students

Tom, Dylan with first collage, Laura.

Watercolor collage students

Dylan with second collage, Jim and AJ.


Just about every time I do a watercolor collage workshop, someone (usually someone who thought they weren’t terribly creative) does something that no one else has done before.  This time it was Jim who wanted a cow as an item on his collage. He like to cook and is collecting food or food-source related art for his kitchen. After creating his background, he wanted to put a cow-head shaped foreground piece and needed help drawing a cow.  I’ve actually never drawn one, but after a couple tries came up with an outline that he was happy with.  Additionally, he painted the face and shadow items on with watercolor after.  All the students were so engrossed in what they were doing, we delayed the delicious appetizers until the end of the class.

Newer work #29


#1197 Cherry Blossom Morning II. Refractured watercolor, 19×8″ in mat to 14×12″. $90. Currently available at Incredible Art Center in Palm Springs.



This small artwork is a refractured watercolor, rather than the last few which were either collages or ‘true children’ of other refractured watercolors.  I had only a few smaller mats and foamcores in the studio, hence my series of smaller works.

Newer work #28


#1196 Geese in an Emerald Dawn. 8×10″ in mat to 12×14″ $90. Currently at Incredible Art Center in Palm Springs.

Geese in an Emerald Dawn is a ‘true child’ of Vermillion Delight.  Without, however the Shakespearean sonnet that it’s parent has.  Yes, I know it’s more purple than emerald, but there are little hints of green, and it’s not often I get to use that color!

Newer Work #27


#1195 “Home ahead of the storm”. 10×8″ in mat to 14×12″ frame. $90. Currently available at Incredible Art Center.


“Home ahead of the storm” is one of those that I call a ‘true child’.  I know, I don’t have another word to describe it, but the explanation is that it is made entirely from leftover pieces of only one refractured watercolor or mixed media painting.  This one’s parent is The Setting Sun and it came from one of the iterations that I did not cut, hence the different shapes.

Newer Work #26


#1194 Cherry Blossom Morning I. 14×11″ in mat to fit 20×16″ frame. $195. Currently available at Incredible Art Center.



Cherry Blossom Morning was created when the cherry trees were probably still blossoming somewhere, but in fact I put the cherry tree on because it mimicked the sky.

Newer Work #25

I should start posting newer items again, it’s been so long, so many interesting other things happening, and I keep forgetting to fill in days I’m not going to have time to blog with updates as to what is coming out of the studio.


#1193 Reverse Sun. Watercolor collage 10×8″, in mat. $90, currently available at Incredible Art Center in Palm Springs.

“Reverse Sun” (#1193) is a sister-painting of the prior “Stolen Moon”. This is the kind of thing that happens when I have fun with the leftover bits like in the class on Saturday.


Fun out of the sun.


What do you do in Palm Springs in August when it’s about 109 degrees (42 Celsius). You go to Incredible Art Center and take a watercolor collage fun workshop.  You’ll go out with as many collage artworks as you can complete in a few hours, get to see a side of your own creativity that doesn’t turn up in the mirror.  Fun fact on this one:  it’s not necessarily the five-year olds (who are actually a smidge young for the class, more on attention span/energy level than ability) who make all the mess – it was the adults!  And I was included in that list when I upturned a cup of water during cleanup.

See my website page for other classes.