A forever home in Palo Alto

A recent sale at Palo Alto subsequently got back to me as a pic of the painting in its forever home.  This one might not look as interesting as you would think it could be, but I knew before the new owners took it home, it was going in the guest bathroom, so most of the surrounds are omitted for aesthetic reasons.

Refractured watercolor painting

“I thought this would be” has the following lines written for it and painted into the horizon areas: I thought this would be the view I’d live and die with but the sea recedes.

Palo Alto


This is my first time at Palo Alto.  The weather is perfect, the crowds are good, sales are ok, the only cloud on the horizon (aside from the few in my booth!!) is that my square wasn’t working.  Must be either overloaded circuits or poor service – was able to run the credit cards when I got back to my temporary abode.   If you’re in the area and looking for my booth – I’m close to Pete’s Coffee.