Tales from the field #17

There are many challenges that the art fair artist experiences.
Usually the worst is weather. Sometimes it’s as distressing as the porta potty company letting us down on the delivery on Friday night and we arrived on Saturday needing to cross our legs until a rescue company arrived at 9:30.

Sometimes it’s a simple as needing to squeeze an old ambulance into a compact space.

Ambulance squeezed into compact parking space

I think they fudged a little on the other side.

And I thought I was doing well to get the Silverado in a compact space without dinging the van on one side and the shiny Tesla on the other!

Hermosa Beach

Saturday night’s reception was quite a change from the previous night in Temecula.  It was the hopping place to be.  We had about 30 artists showing work and a lot of supporters.  The theme of the show was ‘Indivisible’.  Rafael McMaster, our leader at Hermosa Beach Artist Collective had designed a logo to embody this:  Create a division sign, then put an x through it.  There were a couple blank canvases on the wall next to the door and everyone was encouraged to ‘make their mark’!

Despite the quality of the artwork, I think I was the only artist whose artwork embodied the theme of the show.  Not sure if it was good or bad that a couple people commented that they thought my painting, behind the desk which functions as the bar during receptions, was the logo for the show.  Hmm.  Comments encouraged.  One of the things that I like about my painting, “One Side“, originally designed for entry into a competition on art to promote world peace, is that I could photoshop the saying in any language for reproductions.

One Side painting

“One Side” behind the desk/bar at HBAC


Monthly newsletter for February

Here’s what’s happened and happening at Skyscapes in February.

Water, water everywhere.

Movement, stillness.  Refractured watercolor

#1093 – Movement, stillness. Refractured watercolor, 14×11″ in white mat to 20×16″. $175

A couple of years ago I did a commission for a couple, based on their triptych of a scene looking east across a bay at sunset.  They weren’t sure if they wanted horizontal or vertical wave cuts so I did one of each so they could choose. Also, I did some slight color variations for them to choose from.  As a result I ended up with quite a bit of leftovers.  No worries, the pieces formed a cohesive scene that I could reuse, and I had their permission to use the leftovers.  Waste not, want not, recycle, go green – or in this case some beautiful shades of peach, salmon, blue and mauve.

Just chillin:  Refractured watercolor

#1094 Just chillin. Refractured watercolor, 11×14 in white mat frames to 16×20″. $175

So far the leftover pieces have featured prominently, if not exclusively in at least 12 further refractured watercolors or watercolor collages.  I was starting to think that the things were breeding in the box overnight.  Over the weekend I sold two of the resulting refractured watercolors, and created two more that are in mat and frame to 16×20 and a couple of small collages.  So here are introducing the two new larger pieces – they will be at the show in Hermosa Beach with me this weekend.


Hermosa Beach for the weekend.

Hermosa Beach Art WalkWho would say no to a day at the beach?  I wouldn’t.  I won’t be on the sand, though, I’ll be on the lawn of the Hermosa Beach Community Center with refractured watercolors and watercolor collages.  So come and pick your favorite skyscape and then have a stroll on the sand.  I’ll be in booth #71.