Sonnet Challenge #17

I seem to have spent so much time recently on travelling and teaching, there’s been little time to paint (except commissions) or write, though the most recent trip to the Phoenix area produced another eight sonnets which I have yet to even type up.  Nevertheless, even without prompting from something or someone, occasionally a poem will fall out of the end of the pen.

Happiness is a gray stick
A thick, gray, gnarly four-foot stick to hold

and lean on, when you have Atlas’s day;

warm wood to grip, not metal, when you’re cold;

a friend to prod dark paths and find your way

between elations clouds, chasm’s dark eyes.

Such is the stick of happiness, who prods

you on from gray dawn to a bright sunrise

with steadiness solider than carrot gods

that promise futures.  Happiness is now,

it takes tomorrow when it becomes today;

yesterday’s a less, not a furrowed brow –

or just a tale that we can laugh a way.

When you walk with the stick of happiness

you’ll go through life with more, and never less.

Life isn’t all black and white….

I saw this really interesting article, forwarded by Professional Artist magazine – made me remember a number of other brain-related articles, books or comments I’ve stumbled on over the years.  I’m no neuroscientist but the subject interests me.

Artists’ Brains Have More ‘Grey Matter’ Than The Rest Of Ours, Study Finds

One thing that it brings to mind is the question – probably unanswerable – about the intelligence of dinosaurs.  I’ve read that their brains were much smaller (per bodyweight) than most mammals – but mammals (and birds?) only use the outer layer for ‘thinking’. Perhaps the dinosaurs used their whole brains?

Another idea that intrigues me is the 7 – or 9 – different ‘intelligences’ proposed by Howard Gardner – page here – one that I often see evidenced in the differences between myself and friends.  Like my neighbor – he can fix anything, but I believe doesn’t possess a single piece of artwork that he chose.  I think I have strengths in areas 1, 2 and the logical part of 5, not the numerical part!  I’m not adapt at mental arithmetic.

But perhaps there should be a 10th intelligence – cooking.  I know people who can whip up a gourmet meal from nothing, yet I am almost limited to salads and sandwiches or things that come out of cans. Last time I used an actual book recipe on my gourmet friends, they requested I not attempt recipes again. 🙂  Nevertheless I know I’m always welcome in a kitchen once the dishes need washing.

Just as a ‘right-brained’ observation, I find it quite fascinating that humans attempt to ‘left-brain’ classify our selves – Briggs-Myers is the most obvious one.  And yet these methods always prone to ‘scientific error’ of observation and interpretation.

Maybe that gray matter we all have can never be categorized into dark matter or light matter, nature further homogenized by nurture, and that we’re all really 18% gray.