Newer Work #37

Sometimes I get asked about night time skyscapes – ‘nocturnes’.  Here’s one.  This one is pretty much out of my head, it’s not from a night sky in Joshua Tree – it’s named that way because of the foreground added.

Nocturne with moon and Joshua Tree

#1212 Joshua Moon. Oil on gallery wrap canvas, 12×12″ $100. Currently at Borrego Art Institute, but coming out of the summer show Oct 17th if it’s still unsold.

Newer Work #35

Dawn over Salton Sea

#1210 “Rising Peach”. Oil on gallery wrap canvas, 12×12″ $100. Currently at the Borrego Art Institute in the Summer Show which runs until October 14th.

Rising Peach is a continuation of the diagonal series.  (There are other shape series coming up…..).  Yet another beautiful dawn across the Salton Sea.  There is more hope now that these dawns will not go away too soon – or at least their reflections in the sea will not dry up, as recently President Obama announced that various agencies that can/should/will actually work together do something about the Salton Sea, rather than just spending money studying it or thinking about it.  The key part of this was the inclusion of federal agencies, I guess someone realized that this is not just an issue for Imperial and Riverside Counties.

Newer Work #35

Sunset oil painting

#1209 “Down the hill” Oil on canvas, 12×12″ $100.

This scene I painted many years ago in watercolor, then in acrylic.  Here is the same inspiration in oil and at an angle.


Newer work #34

Oil painting birds flying

#1206 Three for the road. Oil on canvas, 8×8″. $50.

The inspiration for this change of direction was that I hung this little unwired canvas on my ‘drying hooks’ in the studio, by its corner.  The scene itself is entirely out of my head.  The direction was one I followed, as you will see in later posts.  It has also spawned other (as yet unrealized ideas)….

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