Newer work #113

Of course I’m going to create a painting involving meteorites when there’s a meteorite shower in the offing, and of course as a poet I’m going to romanticize it.

Catching up.

"Mixed Weather".  Watercolor collage 4 1/2" x3".  $25

“Mixed Weather”. Watercolor collage 4 1/2″ x3″. $25

Often my whiteboard – my to-do list – is stuffed with unfinished projects and their looming deadlines.  Often I don’t know where to start with the business side of being an artist, so I just pluck away at the closest deadline.  Often it feels like if I run around in the circle any faster, I will catch my own tail, which is interesting as I don’t have one.  Often I feel like this, but not always…..for today…..

…. I have caught up.

I only have application deadlines comfortably out at the next month or the one beyond.  I have all but two long-term applications applied for, I have started putting paintings on eBay (burning hoops to set up a new business account with them, and PayPal and the first listing itself took 3 days), I have my book of poetry and paintings on second proof with CreateSpace,  I have the mailing list prepared for this weekend’s show.

I may not have caught more than one fish this year, I may not be able to catch that fly that got into the studio, I have not caught more than one Anaheim Ducks game this season, I may have caught my knee on the ladder going to look at a nest full of chicks which gave me a prize bruise, I may not have caught a break with the lottery numbers, I may have forgotten to catch the meteor shower last night, but I have caught up.

And I caught a moment to put a new collage together.

I just hope I don’t catch down again.

Let there be darkness.


“Moon on Water”, 10×8″ acrylic on loose canvas.

A few years ago one set of my neighbors had an attempted burglary during the daytime.  Happily this was only an attempt, but it resulted in them installing The Security Floodlight.  Other neighbors and I liked to refer to it as the Third Celestial Body, it being brighter than all but the fullest of moons.

Now, these neighbors have moved and The Light has gone too.  Stars have been reinstalled and we’re looking forward to being able to see the meteor showers next week.