Fun out of the sun.


What do you do in Palm Springs in August when it’s about 109 degrees (42 Celsius). You go to Incredible Art Center and take a watercolor collage fun workshop.  You’ll go out with as many collage artworks as you can complete in a few hours, get to see a side of your own creativity that doesn’t turn up in the mirror.  Fun fact on this one:  it’s not necessarily the five-year olds (who are actually a smidge young for the class, more on attention span/energy level than ability) who make all the mess – it was the adults!  And I was included in that list when I upturned a cup of water during cleanup.

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garagemessLast Monday I came home from a show at Menlo Park to a brown patch on the kitchen floor and an exploded bottle of balsamic vinegar.  This week, after four days away at Monterey for the same reason, the mess was in the garage.  Which is good because I’m husstling on a commission that needs to be delivered tomorrow and I really don’t have time to clean it up just yet.



lowlustersealerThis time it turned out to be the Low Luster Sealer, fortunately on the bottom* shelf of the cupboard on the left above (the vinegar had been on the top shelf which just added to the woe).  I had set out the suspects – the sealer and two bottles of engine oil, also in sticky bottomed bags – to continue the leak and provide further evidence of actual guilt.  I’m glad it’s the sealer, I can use the engine oil. I think this was left over from the porch floor project which was so long ago, it needs doing again, so a great excuse to not get into hoarding.  It crisps up quite nicely in the 114 deg heat, so I plan on scraping it up tomorrow morning.


I wonder what will have exploded when I get back from delivering the commission painting…..

What a messy greeting.

nasty mess in a kitchen

Uh oh.


After a four-day trip to Menlo Park, I came home to find a nasty mess in the kitchen.








nasty mess in a kitchen

This is not good!



From the location, the washing machine wasn’t the cause.  Did the roach baits explode?  Did roaches eat the roach baits and melt?








nasty mess in a kitchen

The sink is exonerated!


The garbage disposal isn’t the guilty party either.  And it shouldn’t be, it’s about 2 months old!







nasty mess in a kitchen

What a mess.

Ah, this is the scene of the crime.  And that’s going to take a lot of cleaning up!  In the end it took me two hours.  Blissfully most of the food in that cupboard is in cans, glass or plastic so I only lost two boxes of pasta.


nasty mess in a kitchen

We  at least there was only one piece of glass to pick up.



I’ve had this a couple months.  I guess it was still fermenting…

In retrospect, I did hear a couple strange popping noises coming from the kitchen in the couple days before I left, but hadn’t figured out then what they were.  Now I know.

And while I was gone, in the desert heat the vinegar dried to a sticky goo thicker than molasses.