Skies Exhibition.

I’m happy I was accepted into this online exhibition and received an Honorable Mention.  The couple who run this are local and I’m hoping that at some point I will be included in the in-gallery shows.

The 3rd Annual Skies art exhibition is now open. Thanks to all the artists who participated and congratulations to the winners and finalists including Best in Show winners, James Griffin (Traditional), Pavlos Evangelidis (Photography & Digital) and Diana Fernández (3-Dimensional). Click HERE to see the exhibition. Also visit our YouTube Channel on September 8th to see the exhibition videos.


“Sunrise with Creosote” Oil on canvas 30×40″. $1500.

Newer Work #38

Oil painting of dusty sunset

#1213 Umber Sunset. Oil on Canvas, 12×12″. $100.

Umber sunset is painted from one of the most unusually colored skies I’ve ever seen.  A dust storm created a dark brown swirling foreground, (rather than the usual beige-out we get when we get a haboob coming through), with creamy gold clouds poking through at the back.  I also created a refractured watercolor from this scene.  Sadly the 10′ tall creosote bush that stars in the bottom corner is no longer there, it was uprooted when George’s house was built.

Newer work #30

Refractured watercolor

#1199 “The Greening II”. Refractured watercolor 11×14″ in mat ready for 16×20″ frame. $195.

Somehow the circles are always so soothing – especially on a calm morning scene over the water.  This little lake or pond could be anywhere.  Your favorite morning walk…. a memory of a relaxing vacation….

The power in the sky.

Here is an interesting video showing lightning in slow motion.  And all this comes from air, water and movement.


Lightning Hits the Earth in Slow Motion


Newer Work #24

Another collage inspired by the contents of the box of leftover pieces.  This is serendipitously a companion piece to ‘Stolen Moon‘, though I hadn’t intended to make a couple when I set out.  If you like it, share it!  If you want it, email me.!

Watercolor collage skyscape

#1193 ‘Reverse Sun’. Watercolor collage on foamcore. 10×8 matted to 14×11″ $90.

Newer Work #22

Morning Star oil skyscape painting

#1188 “Morning Star”. Oil on wraparound canvas, 18×36″ $800

Yet another rendition of my favorite subject, dawn across the Salton Sea. @Visitsaltonsea

This time though, not from my back porch, but from the shoulder of Highway 86, just south of Riverside County line. When I left the house the sky was dark and barely promising, but 12 miles and 14 minutes later, it was a different story. The lights to the left are, I think, North Shore.  Fortunately none of the county police happened by….  “Yes, officer, this is an emergency.  A photographic emergency.”

Newer Work #21

oil skyscape painting

“Go Forth” #1187. Oil on canvas, 20×24″, $600.

I wanted to paint something a little looser, and somewhat doubtful as to whether there was ocean or land beneath the sky.  I took a hint of the color at the upper part from one photograph and inspiration from ‘Into the Light’ – an earlier painting (actually I did two with that name but the first one I really didn’t like so I binned it). Have only shown this once so far at the last Umbrella show last month, but it will be going out again next month to Fallbrook, unless someone snaps it up before then.  (Lightweight and very mailable.)