Fun with pieces

Watercolor collage workshop

Two students making beauty out of bits and pieces.

Held a watercolor collage workshop at Incredible Art Center on Friday afternoon – only a small group at the end when I took the photos of them finishing up.  They made both artworks and cards.  We’re running the same workshop again a couple times before Thanksgiving – on the 10th and the 14th – both of these at 5-7:30pm.  If you’re in the area and would like to join us, you can book through the education page on the website, or call Rick  (760) 282-5004.

Happy students

We loved it!


Fun out of the sun.


What do you do in Palm Springs in August when it’s about 109 degrees (42 Celsius). You go to Incredible Art Center and take a watercolor collage fun workshop.  You’ll go out with as many collage artworks as you can complete in a few hours, get to see a side of your own creativity that doesn’t turn up in the mirror.  Fun fact on this one:  it’s not necessarily the five-year olds (who are actually a smidge young for the class, more on attention span/energy level than ability) who make all the mess – it was the adults!  And I was included in that list when I upturned a cup of water during cleanup.

See my website page for other classes.

Open for business.


Rick, covered in paint. He actually had more on the back than on the front. Behind him is the photography of Gary Borgstedt.


Rick Pantele and I spent the day painting up the last details, collecting and installing artwork and cleaning up. Finally, we tore the paper off the windows! Yes! Incredible Art Center ( in downtown Palm Springs – where we hold classes and sell art, is OPEN!

To be more precise, we’re ‘open during construction’.  There is still more artwork to go up, and lighting for it.  My first class there is this Saturday.










I’m painting out an edge where the laminate doesn’t reach to the bottom of the desk.


Rick said ‘This one I have Mona Lisa in the window’.  To the left you see the photography of Paul Koestler.

The new litter.

Latest Litter of Itty Bitties.

Latest Litter of Itty Bitties.

Here’s the latest litter of ‘Itty Bitties’.  I expect some will go to Incredible Artist Gallery in Cathedral City in the next week or so, and some will be available at my first show of 2014 – Art Under the Umbrellas, in La Quinta on Jan 11th.