A forever home in Palo Alto

A recent sale at Palo Alto subsequently got back to me as a pic of the painting in its forever home.  This one might not look as interesting as you would think it could be, but I knew before the new owners took it home, it was going in the guest bathroom, so most of the surrounds are omitted for aesthetic reasons.

Refractured watercolor painting

“I thought this would be” has the following lines written for it and painted into the horizon areas: I thought this would be the view I’d live and die with but the sea recedes.

A little bit of fun.

I had bought some tshirts for a summer camp class last year that didn’t run, so I had a clump of white tshirts.  I decided to have a little fun with them over the last couple days.  Not that I need any more tshirts….  Let me know if you are interested.  All these are an adult medium, but I can recreate them in a different size. $20+tx/sh.


“So, I’m different. So?”


“Neighborhood watch”, the inspiration for this came from my chalk painting ‘The artist as part of the environment


The detail on Neighborhood watch


“Disappearing butterflies”


“Always dance in the rain.”


“Circles and splashes”. Front of tshirt


“Circles and splashes” tshirt back of tshirt.

Great news for the Salton Sea.


The only sad part about this is that I think he should have done this at the beginning of his presidency, rather than the end.

Newer work #33

Mixed media painting

#1202 “One with the sky”. Mixed media on panel, 36×24″. $1000.

This painting had several levels of inspiration.  First, a good friend of mine, Sheri Cohen remarked that things with hearts sell well (they do, I’ve sold two paintings in mats with heart shapes very quickly).  Second, not everyone has a color scheme in their home or office that works with regular ‘sky’ colors, so I thought I’d do something more abstract, color wise.  Third, just reading how much pollution is in the world.

The following poem is painted into the painting:

One with the sky

What if we nurtured the world
the way it nurtures us
What if we are one with the sky
What if we understood our lives
are as fleeting as storms
and watch the clouds pass by


Newer Work #2

#1131 “Delicate Atmosphere” 14×11″ refractured watecolor on foamcore, matted to fit 20×16″ frame. $175

Here’s another that was completed at the art fair in Yuma.  It was a hotter day at the end of March.  The afternoon was a little on the cozy side for an art fair.  A reminder of global warming.  I named this piece to respect the fragile medium that we live in.