Back on the street….


Chalk skyscape at Indio Chalk Festival, 2013

For several years I ‘chalked’ at the Indio Chalk Festival.  Grubbing away on the floor and removing all traces of fingerprints.  The last couple of years there was a date conflict so I was unable to fold myself up in an abnormal posture for many long hours, however this year there is no escape from the reminder of the distance of youthful flexibility or why I don’t paint in pastels.

If you’re in the area on Friday, come and see me bringing the sky to earth, or come and join in yourself on either day. (Wear clothes that you won’t cry when they get wrecked…)

In their new home.

Warmth Rising

“Warmth Rising”

I love getting pics of my paintings in their new homes.  This couple from Oregon fell in love with a painting of mine ‘Away we go’ – but it was too large for their space, so the commissioned me to create a smaller version.

Umber Morning

“Umber Morning”

When they came back to another ‘Art Under the Umbrellas’ to pay the deposit on their commission, they fell in love with another painting.  Both were shipped together once the oil commission was dry.  Here are two journeyers in their new forever home.