California needs rain. I need rain scheduled conveniently.

"August afternoon".  Sunset off my back porch - a reason to live here in the summer.

“August afternoon”. Sunset off my back porch – a reason to live here in the summer.

This Thursday and Friday I am scheduled to be working at the 6th Annual Indio Chalk Festival.  I say scheduled, because on Friday, raining is also scheduled, according to and  We need the rain so badly.  I intend to chalk my fingerprints off on Thursday!  Unless I find a better photo between now and then, I will repeat ‘August Afternoon’ (above) in homage to the rain gods and will be content that my offering would be washed away on Friday.   Also, hopefully the downpour will be completed by Saturday morning as this weekend I will also be at Frances Stevens’ Park for the Desert Arts Festival.  For this show my work “Palm Springs Sunset” is featured on the event postcard.

A good day to commit a crime…

6'x6' chalk painting outside Indio City Hall.

6’x6′ chalk painting outside Indio City Hall.

…is always the day after the Indio Chalk Festival.  After painting a 6’x6′ chalk painting on concrete on Wednesday, and rubbing the chalk thoroughly into the grain of the concrete, I have no fingerprints.  I also have sore knees, and I didn’t think I did a lot of kneeling!

This is the third time that I have been invited to participate in this festival as a professional artist creating a showcase piece the day before the festival officially opens.  I was also present on Thursday and worked with John Weidenhamer on some of the logos for local tv stations and newspapers and encouraged some passers-by to join in.

Here are some more images put on their website.  Mamun and Bijan’s work is quite outstanding.