New Book now available.

Finally got the last edits done to allow my latest poetry and painting book ‘My Next Breath’ to be available in Kindle as well as in print.

Here’s the link to the books page on my website which will show you all the books without having to hunt them down on Amazon – or you can just search for me on Amazon if you wish. I’ll be ordering physical copies soon for the studio so let me know if you’d like a signed copy directly from me.

A new venue.

Yesterday I met up with my friend Michael who had moved to Yucca Valley.  Hadn’t seen him in quite a few years.  He had met his now-wife Ester the month after I had a show at his small gallery in Crestline, which he no longer has.  We met up at Rainbow Stew where he is currently displaying photos from a photo project about a village in Colombia.  After we spent a while in the local cafe catching up on the intervening years, I popped back into Rainbow Stew and asked if they thought they might like to run some of my books and original cards – and they said yes!  So, I have another outlet for a couple of things.  Woohoo.  Not bad for a Monday.



It’s here!

Finally got around to putting ‘Mixed Weather’ on kindle.  There’s a link to it on my website page for the books:  Webpage or you can go directly to it on Amazon.

Mixed Weather for Kindle