A new venue.

Yesterday I met up with my friend Michael who had moved to Yucca Valley.  Hadn’t seen him in quite a few years.  He had met his now-wife Ester the month after I had a show at his small gallery in Crestline, which he no longer has.  We met up at Rainbow Stew where he is currently displaying photos from a photo project about a village in Colombia.  After we spent a while in the local cafe catching up on the intervening years, I popped back into Rainbow Stew and asked if they thought they might like to run some of my books and original cards – and they said yes!  So, I have another outlet for a couple of things.  Woohoo.  Not bad for a Monday.



It’s here!

Finally got around to putting ‘Mixed Weather’ on kindle.  There’s a link to it on my website page for the books:  Webpage or you can go directly to it on Amazon.

Mixed Weather for Kindle