Newer Work #53

I loved the way I was able to make the clouds almost appear like birds flying in formation, so I echoed this in the foreground for this painting.

Refractured Watercolor painting

#1232 Rising together. Refractured watercolor, 11×14″ in mat to frame to 16×20″. $195

Newer Work #49

Mixed media painting

#1228 Morning Thermals. Mixed media on pine panel. 17″ diameter. $300

The inspiration for the shape cut and name of this painting came from my neighbor who flies a powered paraglider, and who explains the reason he usually flies around sunset.  In the earlier parts of the day, different areas of land are heating up at different rates and exuding different warmths of air, creating undulating thermals.  We all see birds soaring on the thermals – apparently it is not as easy as you think to do this, especially when your primary mechanism of staying aloft is a slice of parachute, which could luff and collapse under the wrong air temperature gradient.

Up, down, up

Up, down, up

#1109, “Up, down, up”. Watercolor collage on float panel, 6″x6″. $45.

We don’t think about walking, when we’re walking (unless some part of the walking apparatus is hurting or dysfunctional).  We don’t think about swinging our arms when we walk.  We don’t think about the in and out of breathing.  I guess the birds don’t think about the up, down, up  of their wings when flying.  I was thinking about that after having put this collage together and decided on a foreground of three geese flying.