But my walls are full….

I often get this phrase as an excuse or reason for people who love my work but don’t want to buy one.  So, for those fans with full walls, you can get my images on mugs, rugs and tshirts.  At for the next couple weeks I have a 35% off coupon for Society6.com.

THIS is my page on Society6 and THIS is the promo link.

And if you wanted something a little more unique, I realize I did not post my monthly newsletter with my latest experiment.

This year’s bargain basement….

I won’t post all of this month’s Skyscapes newsletter (you can read it on THIS page if you wish), but thought that this might interest a few looking for an end of year bargain.

I’ve already sold one to an existing collector, so there are just 6 mid-sized, small-priced paintings left with a few flaws.  Check them out HERE.