National Orange Show

I don’t paint oranges (well, I do sometimes, but they’re typically mistaken for the setting or rising sun), so my two entries are in the ‘open theme’ category.  Serendipitously they were hung close together so I am able to show them both in one photo that I took at the reception yesterday evening.  The other thing that they have in common is that they did not win any prizes.  Oh well.  I had some interesting comments about them.

Artwork at the National Orange Show, 2018

“One Side” and “Vermillion Delight” hang either side of a photograph of oranges at the National Orange Show.


Something yellow arrived

Tie a yellow ribbon

Tie a yellow ribbon on the old art booth…

Back at the beginning of June I won 2nd place in category (Mixed Media) at the Thousand Oaks ArtWalk.  But their ribbons were on back order so all I got was a piece of paper.  Well, the ribbon finally came through.  It reminded me of the song ‘Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree’ from back in the (ahem) 70s.  Now, if only that piece of paper had my name spelled correctly on it…..

Indian Wells – off the waitlist

Jeni Bate at Indian Wells

Skyscapes for the Soul at Indian Wells.

Last Saturday I got a call to say I had been taken off the waitlist for the three day Indian Wells Arts Festival – and here I am in a great space!  Well, here the booth is – I’m behind the camera.

Jeni Bate at Indian Wells

Jeni Bate at Indian Wells

The interesting part is that my booth has an unusual fung shui water element – a fire hydrant in one corner.   I later received a ‘virtual ribbon’ for not complaining about the hydrant.  Like what are they going to do – move it???  I put the mat bin in front of it.

Refractured watercolor with texture

Refractured watercolor with texture

Later in the afternoon, the oblique light across two of the paintings showed their texture to the best advantage.

Rows of bows

2015 Imperial countyfair ribbons


Just went over to the Imperial Valley EXPO to pick up my paintings that I entered in the competitions at the county fair.  I entered 8 paintings and 6 received ribbons.

Dark Water, White Wave

Dark Water, White Wave

This was the painting that won the first prize in category ‘Oil Seascapes’.

In the pink

best of category mixed media ribbon

That is a great pink!

Although I don’t enter a lot of competitions, I’ve won a few ribbons over the years at galleries and at the county fair.  Last Saturday at Thousand Oaks was the first time I’ve won a ribbon at an art fair.  And it was a good one.  Best of category – Mixed Media for the refractured watercolors.