Cloud Appreciation Society Newsletter

I’ve missed posting the last couple newsletters….something to do with having been on a mental hiatus from normal art life for half a year… but here’s one I couldn’t resist. The time lapses of the storms are especially spectacular. I’ve been more inspired my clouds since we’ve had actual ‘weather’ here recently instead of the plain cerulean dome. The California low desert needs a bigger share of the rain from the storms now sweeping in (just not on weekends as there is the occasional art fair back in existence now…..).

4 thoughts on “Cloud Appreciation Society Newsletter

    • Hi Vicky, I’m doing fine – it’s just that with covid I’ve not been doing much in the way of art or poetry and have gotten a little out of rhythm of posting things. Had (and sold) work in a couple of shows in Borrego Springs last fall but because there’s on recepetion I was only doing the trek to drop off and pick up. Also August-November was doing other work. I’ll get back to it all soon enough!


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